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Smart Search Recommendation


"Smart Search Recommendation" is an app that leverages advanced technology to enhance your in-store search experiences. It provides intelligent product recommendations and keyword services, ensuring precise search results and supplementary content for your customers. Moreover, it allows presetting popular keywords and products in the search bar for better engagement, satisfaction, and conversions.


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Where to Install?

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Apps.
    1-1. SHOPLINE admin panel _ Apps.png

  2. Search for "Smart Search Recommendation" and click on the app to access the installation page.
    1-2. Search _Smart Search Recommendation_.png

  3. Click Install to authorize and complete the installation.
    1-3. Install _Smart Search Recommendation_.png



Enable Intelligent Recommendation

Once the app is installed, intelligent recommendations are automatically enabled and applied to your store. When customers enter keywords into the store's search bar, they will receive relevant terms and product recommendations. Additionally, the system will begin collecting customer search behavior data for analysis.

You have the option to customize the content included in the recommendation results.  To make adjustments, simply go to the  Dashboard tab.
smart search rec 1.png

Set Up Default Search Items

The "Smart Search Recommendation" app enables you to establish default recommended collections and/or products when customers click on the search bar. This feature enhances customers’ experiences by directing them toward relevant recommendations, making their shopping journey more convenient and enjoyable. Follow these steps to set up recommended collections and products.

Set Up Default Recommended Collections

  1. Go to the Recommend before searching tab and find the "Default recommended search terms" section. Then, click on the Create a recommended search term button.
    smart search rec 2.png

  2. Enter a search term for the collection you want to recommend. Then, click Select the collection to link the term to open the collection list.smart search rec 3.png
    Choose the collection you want to recommend and click Choose.

  3. Click Update in the upper right corner to save the setups. 
  • You can add a maximum of 10 recommended collections.
  • To delete a recommended collection, simply click the trash icon next to the collection item. 


Set Up Default Recommended Products

  1. Go to the Recommend before searching tab and find the "Default recommended products" section. Then, click Add a recommended product.

  2. The "Select the product" window will automatically pop up, allowing you to add the products you want to recommend. You may utilize filters to quickly narrow down your selections. Then, click Add.

  3. Click Update in the upper right corner to save the setups.
  • You can add a maximum of 5 recommended products.
  • To manage added products, hover over them. You can delete an item by clicking the trash icon or replace it with the replace icon.




Advanced Settings

In addition to configuring default search items, "Smart Recommendation" offers several advanced features to further enhance the search experience and precision for your customers. You can find these features in the "Search range" tab and the "Filter condition" tab.


Search range

screenshot search range.png

  1. Search settings: This feature allows you to specify which items are included in the search scope and what content appears in the search results.
  2. Product promotion: With this feature, you can assign search terms to prioritize certain products at the top of the search results.
  3. Synonyms: Create synonym groups using this feature to assist customers in finding related products easily, even when they use different terms or synonyms to express their search queries. 
  4. Keyword redirection: Utilize this feature to redirect customers to a predefined web page or resource when they enter specific keywords or keyphrases in your store's search bar.
  5. Recommended products for the "No Results Found" page: Once enabled, this feature automatically recommends custom products with the highest potential conversion rate when no search results are found for the customer's query.

Filter Condition 

This feature provides a convenient way for customers to search for their preferred products using predefined filters. To customize which filters are displayed in your store, you can access the Filter Condition tab and click Add Filter. This enables your customers to conduct selective searches.

By utilizing these predefined filters, customers can swiftly refine their product searches, saving time and ensuring they find precisely what they're looking for with ease and precision.


  • The filter feature is only supported in the Seed, Charm, Modern, Arise pro, and North themes. You will not see the filters displayed in themes other than these. 
  • When the search results exceed 1,000 products or when the category page contains more than 5,000 products, the filters will not be displayed.



From the moment you install the app, the system will automatically begin collecting data on customers' search behaviors for analysis. We encourage you to leverage this data to improve your settings and enhance the overall search experience.

To access and review the data, simply go to the Overview tab. Here, you'll find data on "Search Performance Metrics" and "Popular Intelligent Recommended Terms," allowing you to gain valuable insights into your customers' search patterns and preferences.
smart search overview.png


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