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Enabling Product Recommendations on Different Pages


Product Recommendations is a powerful AI-powered app that suggests relevant products to customers on various store pages, increasing your conversion rate. 

This guide explains how to enable it on different pages and customize its settings.

Note: This guide covers enabling product recommendations on various pages only. For basic app settings, refer to the "Product Recommendation - Overview" guide.


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Supported Pages for Product Recommendations

The Product Recommendations app supports setting up product recommendations on the following pages:

  • Product detail page
  • Product list page
  • Shopping cart page
  • Drawer shopping cart
  • Search page
  • Payment result page
  • 404 page



Setting Up Recommendation Display Position 


  • Supports displaying the product recommendations at either a fixed or default position.
  • If you enable the fixed display position, you'll need to navigate to the Theme Editor to add the component. For detailed instructions, please refer to the step-by-step guide.



Setting Up Product Recommendation Methods


Recommendation Method Overview

Product Recommendation offers two options:

  • AI Intelligent Recommendations: Leverages SHOPLINE's algorithms to analyze user behavior and product data to recommend high-converting products.
  • Custom Recommendations: Manually select products or create rules to control what appears in the recommendation section.
    Note: Manually added products that are out of stock, unavailable, or archived won't be displayed. To prevent empty recommendation spaces, enable Automatically enable smart recommendations when all items fail to use AI recommendations as a fallback.


Understanding AI Recommendations 

Product Recommendation uses various AI features to suggest products likely to convert customers:

  • AI multi-dimensional recommendations: Analyzes user profiles to identify products with high conversion potential based on AI algorithms.
  • Similar users: Recommends products purchased by users with similar browsing habits.
  • Related products: Analyzes your entire store's product data to recommend items with similar characteristics to the one currently viewed by the customer.
  • Most popular: Analyzes store product browsing, clicking, viewing, and sales to display the most popular products.
  • Data and Privacy: To optimize recommendations, Product Recommendations analyzes your store's product data, sales data, visitor behavior, and identifiers. By using this feature, you agree to SHOPLINE's use of this data for AI recommendations. However, SHOPLINE strictly protects your data security (see SHOPLINE Privacy Policy).
  • New Store Setup: When you first enable AI recommendations, the system takes approximately 15-30 minutes to analyze your product data and build a comprehensive recommendation model. During this time, the Product Recommendations component won't be displayed. Once the model is established, your store will automatically showcase AI-driven product suggestions. Once the recommendation model is established, your store will automatically display trending products driven by AI algorithms. This considers browsing behavior, clicks, views, and sales data to showcase popular items within your store.



Understanding Custom Recommendations 

Customize the products displayed in the recommendation section using two methods:

  • Add Products Manually (up to 20): Choose specific products and specify their order based on popular products, newest > oldest, or oldest > newest).

  • Specify Rules (up to 5): Choose between Meet all of the rules or Meet one of the rules to decide whether all or just one of these rules needs to be met for a product to be included. Then, create rules to filter products, such as requiring them to belong to a specific collection or meet inventory or sales quantity thresholds.
    Available rule options include:
    • Collection
    • Label
    • Title
    • SKU price
    • Original price of SKU
    • Inventory
    • Sales 



Customizing Product Recommendation Display

Follow these steps to configure how product recommendations appear on your store pages:

  1. In the app, go to Page settings and select the page you want to configure product recommendations for.

  2. Click Display options in the upper right corner to expand the editing options.

  3. Here you can customize the following:
    • Title: Set the title for the product recommendation section.
    • Product display mode (Mobile & PC): Choose between Display 1 line (Scroll horizontally when exceeds the screen) or Tiled display.
    • Product display mode: Select how many lines of product information to display (1, 2, or all). 
    • Recommended title alignment style: Align the title left, center, or right.
    • More options include:
      • Hide the product title on mobile devices
      • Show "load more" button
      • Open quick shopping pop-up button
      • Enable price display

A live preview on the right side lets you see the configuration effects. We also recommend checking the style on your product page to ensure it meets your expectations.


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