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Placing Form Components on Pages


The B2B & Wholesale Solution App provides various types of form components to enhance your store's enquiry capabilities during the setup process.


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Introduction to Form Component Types

The B2B & Wholesale Solution currently offers the following types of form components:

  • Enquiry forms

  • Single image - Enquiry

  • Image with Text - Enquiry



Steps for Designating Form Schemes during Page Setup

Within the B2B & Wholesale Solution app, you can create multiple inquiry forms and apply them in different scenarios during page setup.

If you want to specify the form scheme that needs to appear within the aforementioned components during the page-building process, follow these steps:

  1. Open the B2B & Wholesale Solution app and go to Settings - Shop display page to view the inquiry form settings.

  2. Locate the form scheme that you want to display in your site's components. Hover over the scheme name and click to copy the unique ID of that form scheme.
    Alternatively, you can click the form scheme to access the details and copy the form's unique ID from the upper left corner.

  3. Once you have successfully copied the form ID, you can go to the Store Design and paste the copied form ID into the configuration field of the relevant form component. This will apply the corresponding form content to that component.
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