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How to associate SHOPLINE SKU and Shopee SKU?

「Connect SKU」is a function that can build the connection between SHOPLINE SKU and Shopee SPU/SKU based on the same SKU name.

One SHOPLINE SKU can connect several Shopee SPU/SKUs. However, one Shopee SPU/SKU can only connect one SHOPLINE SKU.


The Usage of Connect SKU

1. Distribute Shopee stock manually

According to the connection between SHOPLINE SKU and Shopee SPU with no variant or Shopee SKU with variants in 「Inventory」menu, edit SHOPLINE inventory strategy or distribute Shopee stock as you need.

  • Edit SHOPLINE Inventory Strategy.


  • Update/Sync Shopee Stock.



2. Update Shopee stock based on SHOPLINE automatically

When stock of SHOPLINE SKU changed, you can choose to update the newest stock to Shopee automatically once you enabled the share inventory function. For more details, please refer to:What is Shopee shared inventory?


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