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What is Connect Product?

「Connect Product」is a function that can build the connection between SHOPLINE SKU and channel SPU/SKU based on the same SKU name.

One SHOPLINE SKU can connect several channel SPU/SKUs. However, one channel SPU/SKU can only connect one SHOPLINE SKU.


The Usage of Connect Product

1、Distribute channel stock manually

According to the connection between SHOPLINE SKU and channel SPU/SKU in 「Inventory」menu, edit SHOPLINE inventory strategy or distribute channels stock as you need.

  • Edit SHOPLINE Inventory Strategy


  • Update/Sync Channel Stock



2、Update channel stock based on SHOPLINE automatically

When stock of SHOPLINE SKU changed, you can choose to update the newest stock to channel products automatically if you need. For more details, please refer to:How to sync SHOPLINE Inventory?


Connect Product

1、Auto connect

Enable 「Product auto-connect」setting in Product Settings of Settings Menu first. Once SHOPLINE  SKU and Channel SPU/SKU have the same name, system will make the connection between them automatically.

After enabled, the system will automatically connect the products in every 2 hours starting from 0:00 every day (UTC+8).


Please note:If there are more than one SHOPLINE SKU with the same SKU name, system will not auto connect. 


2、Manual connect

You can connect SKU manually in two places as below. 

  • Click 【Connect XX Product】button in 「Inventory」Menu.


  • Click 【Edit】button in product detail page of Active/Inactive/Banned.




You can disconnect SKU manually in two places as below.

  • Click 【Disconnect XX Product】button in 「Inventory」Menu.


  • Click 【Edit】button in product detail page of Active/Inactive/Banned.


Please note:Once disconnect manually, it will not connect automatically again. 



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