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Google Ads Enhanced Conversion - Manual Setup Guide

Google Ads enhanced conversion is a powerful feature that can improve the accuracy of tracking the impact of ad campaigns on conversions. You can set up the enhanced conversion manually based on your business needs and goals. This article provides detailed steps and instructions to help you manually set up Google Ads enhanced conversion.


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Introduction to Enhanced Conversion

Google Ads enhanced conversion is a powerful feature that is designed to help marketers better measure the impact of ad campaigns on conversions. By tracking and analyzing key conversion behaviors such as additions, purchases, and more, enhanced conversion provides marketers with valuable insights into the true effectiveness of their campaigns. This allows them to optimize their placement strategies and achieve higher rates of return.

It supplements existing conversion tags by sending hashed (SHA-256 Algorithm) first-party conversion data to Google in a privacy-safe way to improve the accuracy of conversion measurement and the effectiveness of optimization.

Click Introduction to Enhanced Conversion to go to Google Ads Help Center for more information.



Setup Guide

Please follow the steps below to set up:

  1. Log into your Google Ads account.
  2. In the navigation bar on the left, click Goals, click Conversions.
  3. Click Summary and go to the Conversion goals tab.
  4. Click on the action, go to Settings section and click Edit settings
  5. In the Enhanced Conversions section, click the checkbox in front of 
  6. Use enhanced conversions for this conversion action.
  7. Click Done to complete the setup. 


Validation Process

Validating your implementation: After 72 hours, find the conversion goal and click Diagnostics to confirm your implementation.

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