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User Manual of SHOPLINE APP

SHOPLINE APP enables you to manage your online store anytime, anywhere. You can view store data analysis and live streaming, manage products and orders, and make live chat, etc. in the app.


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Download Address

You can download the app by scanning the QR code below.


Data Analysis

You can view store data analysis and real-time customer data in the app to help you better identify problems in the operation process.

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Live Streaming

In the app, you can realize live streaming and interaction via Facebook and Instagram. It supports live streaming (e.g., keywords), sending warm-up live streaming posts, viewing the live data panel and all lists of live streaming, and managing live messages and orders.


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Live Chat

In the app, you can make real-time replies to customers and chat with customers on the online store, Facebook, Instagram, Line, and other platforms.

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Managing Products and Orders

You can operate products quickly, detect changes in order status, and take actions timely.

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Adding Discounted Product

In the app, you can readily create activities based on needs and apply them. With the app, you can better manage merchants’ activity settings.

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