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PayPal Dispute App


Customers might file transaction disputes due to different reasons, such as not receiving products or services, defective products, and etc. When these cases happen, merchants will need to take action promptly.

To support merchants in handling this issue in a more efficient way, SHOPLINE has integrated with PayPal Dispute app, merchants can now more conveniently manage shop’s PayPal Dispute through this app. 

Note: Currently this PayPal Dispute app only supports on PayPal payment option which is authorized through [One-click to Authorize/Register], not supporting those which setup via key



Merchants may go to admin panel [Apps] > [App Store] > [Shipping and Delivery] to install the app :


Once the app has been installed, you may locate the app in [Apps] > [My App]. Click on the PayPal Dispute app to enter the management page:


Dispute Management

Once entered the PayPal Dispute app, merchants will be able to see the overview of the cases filed. Merchants may filter the cases by type of disputes, including Dispute, Claim, and Chargeback :  


Also, merchants may find the reasons for disputes are filed, as well as the status of the case:


Under the tab of [Pending merchant 待商家处理], merchants will be able to find all the disputes that are yet to be handled:


Once merchant has handled the dispute, it will be moved to the tab of [Pending customer 待顾客处理]:


If merchants and customers are unable to reach a consensus on the dispute, either party may request PayPal for a review within 20 days after the dispute was filed. PayPal shall investigate the evidences from both parties before reach to a decision 

If the dispute has been passed to PayPal for review, merchants will be able to find it under the tab of [PayPal reviewing PayPal 审核中]:


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