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PayPal Dispute App User Guide


When customers pay in your store using PayPal, they may initiate disputes with PayPal and request refunds for various post-purchase issues such as shipping problems, product quality, or payment issues like card theft or fraud. At this point, you need to intervene to respond and resolve the disputed orders. SHOPLINE provides the PayPal Dispute app, which allows you to process disputed orders seamlessly by connecting to the PayPal admin, enabling real-time synchronization and support for dispute resolution without requiring access to the PayPal admin.


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Installation and Usage

Note: This app only synchronizes with the PayPal account linked to the current store and doesn’t support binding or modifying other PayPal accounts.


  1. Go to the Apps menu in the store admin panel, click Go to App Store, find the PayPal Dispute app under Store management category, and install it.
  2. After installing the app, you can manage the PayPal Dispute app by going to Apps > App Store to install it.



PayPal Account Connection

  1. If the store isn’t linked to PayPal for receiving payments, the store must follow the instructions to install PayPal payment integration before being allowed to use the app.
  2. If the store is already linked to PayPal for receiving payments, you can directly access the PayPal dispute app’s overview page.



Dispute Handling

Upon entering the homepage of the PayPal Dispute app, you will see an overview page that displays all types of disputes, including Dispute, Claim, and Chargeback, along with their various reasons and status of the disputes. You can filter and view them accordingly.

In the Waiting for merchant response section, you can view all disputes that require your attention. Once addressed, the dispute is moved to the Waiting for buyer response section for further review.

If you and your buyers can’t reach a mutual agreement on the dispute, either party can request a PayPal case review within 20 days of the dispute being filed. PayPal will make a decision based on the evidence provided by both parties. Disputes Under PayPal review will be viewed on the PayPal review page.

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