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Introduction to Smart Ads


Smart Ads is a smart advertising system tailored for cross-border e-commerce, facilitating the placement of ads on major platforms like Facebook and Google, thereby enhancing advertisement conversion rates effectively.

This article provides an overview of the features and interface of Smart Ads, along with recommended best practices. It aims to familiarize you with the advantages and values of these features, helping you make an informed decision to choose this app as your advertising solution.


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Introduction to Smart Ads

Smart Ads is a smart advertising system designed for cross-border e-commerce. Through collaboration with leading overseas media platforms such as Facebook and Google, and integration with SHOPLINE store resources, it offers comprehensive advertising solutions. Backed by an experienced advertising expert team, advanced data analysis technologies, and algorithm models, Smart Ads streamlines advertising operations and precisely targets customers, resulting in improved advertisement conversion rates.


Smart Ads supports various advertisement types, including Facebook and Google. 1.3.png



Introduction to the Feature Interface of Smart Ads

Smart Ads comprises four modules: dashboard, campaign, analytics, assets, and settings.


Welcome to the homepage of Smart Ads. Here, you can view the advertising effectiveness of your advertisement account, the performance of your advertisement series, and the balance of your advertisement account. A filter is provided for you to select different advertising channels and dates, allowing you to analyze the performance of your advertisement account for each channel or date. This enables you to easily monitor and evaluate the advertising effectiveness.


On the Campaign page, you can perform the following operations:

  • Creating Advertisements: create advertisements by specifying the required information and configuring advertisement parameters. This enables you to quickly initiate new advertisement campaigns and promote your products or brands.
  • Viewing Advertising Effectiveness: assess the effectiveness of your advertisements by providing clear data diagrams and metrics. Key indicators such as display amount, clicks, and conversion rate are presented, enabling you to evaluate the advertising effectiveness accurately.
  • Exporting Advertisement Reports: export the advertising report for more detailed data analysis or sharing reports with your team. This allows you to access comprehensive advertising data for conducting in-depth analysis and making informed decisions.
  • Copying/Editing Advertisements: copy and edit existing advertisements to quickly create similar advertisements or optimize existing ones to meet different promotion requirements.

Using these features, you can conveniently manage and optimize your advertisement campaigns to obtain better advertising effectiveness and conversion rate.



On the Settings page, you can perform the following operations:

  • System Settings: offer system-related settings, including account information, payment settings, and notification preferences. By utilizing these settings, you can effectively manage and maintain your Smart Ads account, ensuring the smooth operation of your advertisement campaigns.
  • Channel Settings: configure various advertising channels. This allows you to select media platforms for collaboration based on your business requirements and target audience, facilitating the promotion of your advertisements. With flexible channel settings, you can expand the reach of your advertisements to enhance their exposure.
  • Smart Ad Settings: utilize smart advertising settings to leverage smart algorithms and optimized features, thus enhancing advertising effectiveness. Configure advertising budget policies and more to achieve optimal advertising outcomes. 

In conclusion, you can configure various settings based on your needs and preferences to ensure that the advertising campaigns meet your goals and expectations. These settings will help you optimize your advertising policy and improve the advertising effectiveness, thus improving the advertisement conversion rate.



Options related to Google advertisement channels will only appear on the Assets page once you have activated them. On this page, you can conveniently manage your Google Feed, enabling you to perform various operations and optimizations to enhance its performance.



Recommended Best Practices

The audience plays a crucial role in advertising effectiveness, yet for independent cross-border merchants, identifying a suitable audience for their brands can be challenging.

Many merchants may struggle with choosing interest tags, despite reading numerous overseas marketing materials. Additionally, some merchants may have sold various products but remain unsure about their customers' demographics. As a result, they may randomly specify tags on the advertising interface, missing out on the potential Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS).

To optimize audience matching and improve advertisement conversion rates, Smart Ads by SHOPLINE has introduced an audience solution. This solution aims to assist merchants in better aligning with their target audience, thereby enhancing advertising effectiveness.

  • Intelligent Interest Tag Recommendations:
    Smart Ads offers a tag recommendation feature for all merchants, leveraging Facebook's historical advertisement activity data to suggest interest keywords with the highest conversion rates. This enhances advertising effectiveness by ensuring optimal keyword selection. For new merchants lacking sufficient data, this app can utilize product category information from the store and integrate it with a category database to recommend the most suitable interest keywords. This essentially acts as a professional advertisement consultant, providing merchants with optimal keyword recommendations based on their background, thus improving advertisement conversion rates.
  • Refined Operation through Customized Audiences:
    • The data accumulated on advertising platforms, including visits, product additions, and purchases, holds significant value for user recall and remarketing efforts. However, many merchants overlook the fact that the advertising effectiveness of user recall is more than twice that of marketing to new customers. Categorizing customers is often a complex task but crucial for enhancing advertising effectiveness.
    • Smart Ads addresses this challenge by offering a custom audience feature, categorizing common user behaviors based on e-commerce scenarios. This eliminates the need for manual operations by merchants. The platform records user behaviors in real time and targets advertising toward users exhibiting these behaviors during each advertising cycle.
    • With the lookalike audience feature, merchants can create custom audience categories to identify similar potential audiences. This feature is particularly beneficial for merchants in the expansion phase, helping them reach new audiences effectively.
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