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How to create Meta single product/ product set (carousel) ads on Smart Ads?

Meta Single Product Ads: The most common ad type that directly targets purchase conversions. It has a wide range of marketing scenarios and is suitable for product testing, hot sale promotion, audience testing, ads creatives testing, etc. It is recommended to promote no more than 5 products within one ad campaign and note that every product will be an independent ad. 


Meta Product Sets Ads (Carousel Ads): Advertisement type for product sets. You can use it to increase product-associated purchase rates and boost product exposure. It is ideal for multiple product sets sales and variation testings. Please select 5 or fewer products and note that all products will be displayed in one ad.


If you would like to create Meta single product ads/ product sets ads, please follow the instruction below:


Step 1 Select Ads Objectives >> Attract New Customers

Smart Ads breaks ad objectives up into two types: Attract New Customers and Past Purchasers Retargeting, according to the e-commerce marketing needs. If you set Attract New Customers as the objective, you can create four types of ads: Product Ads, Product Set Ads, Facebook Post Ads, and Dynamic Product Feed Ads. While the Past Purchasers Retargeting only supports Dynamic Product Feed Ads.


Step 2 Select Ad Assets>> Choose the Ad Account that You Want to Use to Create Ads


Step 3 Select Ads Type>> Product Ads/ Product Set Ads

  • Choose a single product to create Product Ads.
  • Choose multiple products to create Carousel Ads.


Step 4 Select Products

Choose products that need to be promoted from the product list. You can choose up to 10 items to create a Product Set Ad.


Highlighted Feature - Product Recommendation: 

Products that are marked with a star on the right column are items recommended by the Smart Ads system. The system will forecast potential hot sale products based on product exposure and store visit data. Every product has a recommendation score, and the system arranges all the items on the list in descending order.



Step 5 Edit Ad Creatives (copywriting, image, video)

Edit Copywriting

  • You can't use the following symbols in the content of your ads:    ^~_= {} [] | < > 
  • Ad Copy Library:
    • The library contains all the content used for the promoted product, and it will recommend ad copy that was used recently and has a higher CTR for you. Hover over the input box of Text/ Title/ Description, suggested content will pop up, and you can pick one of them as you need
  • Bulk Editing:
    • If you have several ads under the same campaign, you can use the bulk editing function to speed up ad creation. After you fill in one ad copy section (text/ title/ description), click the Sync button, and then the content will be applied automatically to the other ads.


  • Choose Image/ Video
    • You can use the product image to create your ads or upload an image/ video from your computer as part of your ads creatives. 
    • Note: Facebook will automatically arrange the order of images in Carousel Ads according to their performance among the targeted audience.



Step 6  Set up budget, audience, and schedule

  • Set up budget
    • You can set the campaign/ ad set budget on the Targeting & Schedule Page.
    • If you want to set the campaign budget for the Product Ads, you need to go to the campaign level to set the budget.


  • Set up audience targeting
    • Create a target audience by setting the location, gender, age, and interests.
    • Save Location: click Save Location to save the location settings, next time when you need to use the same location targeting, you could choose it from the Saved Locations list.



  • Set up audience interests:
    • Interest Targeting Recommendation: interest with hot marks are targeting labels recommended by Smart Ads. The system picks several interest labels that could help you target the audience more precisely based on the data analysis of product sales, ads conversions, and product features.
    • You can use up to three interests for Product Set Ads.


  • Set up schedule
    • You decide when to start and end ads on the Targeting & Scheduling Page. 

After finishing the budget, audience, and schedule settings, click Publish to activate the Product Ad/Product Set Ad.