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Smart Ads: Creating Facebook Product/Product Set (Carousel) Ads


This article introduces how to use Smart Ads to create Facebook ads for a product/product set to showcase and promote your products. It will detail the steps and guidelines for creating an ad set, determining your targeted audience, selecting advertising creatives, and tuning ads delivery strategies. Both starters and experienced merchants and advertisers can learn the essential information and skills to better showcase and promote your products on Facebook using Smart Ads.


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Introduction to Ads for Product/Product Sets

Facebook Ads for Single Product

These ads are used to showcase and promote a specific product on Facebook. They focus on a product and show it to potential customers with captivating images or videos, copies, and relevant product information. By using eye-catching and interactive elements, you can grab customers' attention through the stream of feeds and ads, making it more convenient for them to buy the product or learn more about it. This is a powerful tool for promoting your product and increasing your sales on Facebook.

You can target specific audiences with these ads to ensure their accuracy and effectiveness. You can deliver them to potential customers who are most likely to be interested in your product based on interest, behavior, and other characteristics of customers.

For Facebook marketing, this is the most commonly used ad type geared towards making purchases. This is suitable for various applications such as new products, audiences and assets testing, and promoting top-selling products.

Note: We recommend selecting a maximum of 5 products (one separate ad for each) when creating ads.


Facebook Ads for Product Sets (Carousel Ads)

These ads are used to showcase and promote multiple related products on Facebook. You can bundle multiple products together to attract the attention of customers and provide them with more options to select or purchase. By showcasing multiple products, you are provided with more flexibility and creative space to showcase product series, bundles, and related accessories. They are powerful for promoting multiple products at once and increasing your sales on Facebook.

With these ads, you can effectively increase units per transaction and exposure to your products and also improve advertising effectiveness, conversion rate, and customers' recognition and interest in your brand. They are suitable for many applications such as bundle selling and style testing.

Note: We recommend selecting a maximum of 5 products (all within an ad) when creating ads.



How to Create Ads for Product/Product Sets

From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Apps > Smart Ads and click Start Ad Serving to initiate your advertisement. Install it from SHOPLINE App Store if you haven’t.
2-0 Smart Ads.png

  1. Selecting marketing target: Smart Ads divides marketing targets into two categories: New user acquisition and Retargeting, based on the characteristics of cross-border ecommerce advertisement. From the Campaign tab, click Create Campaign and choose your target.
    • New user acquisition supports the following four types of ads: Product, Product Set, Post, and Dynamic Product Feed.
    • Retargeting only supports Dynamic Product Feed.
      2-1 create campaign.png 
  1. Selecting advertising assets: Choose the relevant assets to advertise.
    Note: You need to set up the assets required for advertisement (ad account, Pixel, Page) beforehand. For details, please refer to Facebook Asset Authorization Binding for Smart Ads.

    2-2 select ads assets.png

  2. Selecting an ad type: Select Product to create an ad for a single product, or Product Set to create a carousel ad.
    2-3 ad type.png

  3. Selecting product(s): Click Select Products and select the product(s) you want to advertise from the product list in the pop-up window. You can select a maximum of 10 products for a product set.
    Note: Products that are marked with a star on the Recommended column are items recommended by Smart Ads. The system will forecast potential hot sale products based on product exposure and store visit data. Every product has a recommendation score, and the system arranges all the items on the list in descending order.

    2-4 select products.png

  4. Editing ad creative (visual and audio assets and copies)
    • Design images or video assets as creative content for your ad. Facebook will automatically order the carousel cards based on how they perform among people who view your product set ad.
    • Edit ad titles and copy.
      Note: Ad copy does not support the use of the following punctuation marks: ^~_={}[]|<>

      2-5 Ads creatives.png
  1. Setting up budget, audience, and schedule on the Audience Targeting page
    • Setting up a budget for your ad campaign/ad set.
      • For a single product ad, the budget needs to be set when the ad campaign is created.
        2-6 budget for single product ads.png

    • Setting up the schedule. You can customize the time or period for ad delivery at the ad set level.
    • Setting up your audience. You can specify the audience for your ads, including region, gender, age, interests, and more.
      • After entering the location targeting, you can click Save Location to save the location(s), so that you could choose it from the list next time when you need to use the same location targeting.
      • Tags with the HOT icon in the system recommendations are intelligently recommended audience tags based on your store's product sales and historical advertising performance by Smart Ads. These tags match the characteristics of the products you want to deliver, helping you identify potential audiences more accurately, and better target and reach target user groups who are interested in your products.

        2-7 audience targeting.png 
  1. Click Publish to activate the product ad/product set ad.



Viewing Published Ads

After publishing an ad using Smart Ads, you can view it by replacing the placeholders in the link below with your IDs (remove the brackets) and copying it to the browser. Ensure that you have the Facebook account and permission for BM: 

https://business.facebook.com/content_management/ADS_POSTS?business_id=[BM ID]&global_scope_id=[BM ID]&context_id=[account ID]&context_type=page

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