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Creating Facebook Post Ads with Smart Ads


This article guides you through creating Facebook post ads with Smart Ads, a tool for promoting your brand with engaging posts on Facebook. Post ads appear within users' news feeds in a rich-text format, allowing you to showcase products, services, or brand information in various formats and capture user attention.


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Introduction to Post Ads

Facebook post ads are displayed in a rich-text format on users' Facebook News Feeds or timelines. This ad format allows you to create engaging posts with text, images, videos, and links to capture user attention and encourage interaction.

Key features of Facebook post ads:

  • Rich Text Format: Create engaging posts with text, headlines, images, videos, and links to showcase your products, services, or brand information in various formats.
  • User Engagement: Users can interact with post ads through likes, comments, shares, and clicks, fostering brand awareness and user participation.

By using creative and attention-grabbing posts, Facebook post ads allow you to effectively promote your brand, products, and services on the platform. Their interactivity and targeting capabilities help you connect with your target audience and achieve better advertising results.



Guide to Creating Post Ads

From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Apps > Smart Ads to set up your Facebook ads.

  1. Select Your Campaign Goal: Go to the Campaign section and click Create Campaign to select your campaign goal. Smart Ads divides advertising goals into two categories:
    • New User Acquisition: Targets users who haven't interacted with your store before. It supports single product ads, product bundle ads, post ads, and dynamic product ads.
    • Retargeting: Reconnects with users who have already interacted with your store. It only supports dynamic product ads.
  1. Select Advertising Assets: Choose the account with the relevant assets for your post ad.

    Note: Make sure you've set up required ad assets, such as ad account, Pixel, and fan page, beforehand. Refer to the "Facebook Asset Authorization Binding for Smart Ads" guide for details.

  2. Choose the Ad Type: Select Facebook Post to create a post ad.

    Note: This type of ad leverages existing public page posts as creative content to increase customer engagement and interactivity. Targeting is based on the posts you've created on your Facebook page, not individual products.

  3. Select Promotion Goal and Post Content:
    • Engagement Type: Choose between Get more purchases and Get more post reacts, comments or shares
    • Facebook Post: Click Select Post to choose the desired post.
      Note: Only posts meeting the following Facebook promotion requirements can be used for ads:
      • The post copy must contain a link with either http:// or https://.
      • There must be a space or newline before http:// or https://.
      • The post content must include images or video creatives.
  1. Preview the Ad: Preview your post ad content, ensuring everything appears as intended.

  2. Set Budget, Audience, and Schedule: On the Audience Targeting page, you can define:
    • Budget: Set the budget for your ad campaign or ad set.
    • Schedule: Customize the start and end time for ad delivery.
    • Audience: Define your target audience based on factors like region, gender, age, and interests. 
      • Post ads allow you to select up to three audience tags.
      • After entering the target locations, you can save them for future use. This saves you time when creating new ads targeting the same areas.
      • Look for audience tags marked with a "HOT" icon. These are intelligent recommendations from Smart Ads based on your store's product performance and past ad results. 
  1. Publish Your Ad: Once you've completed all steps, click Publish to finalize your post ad creation.


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