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How to Create Meta Post Ads?

Meta Post Ads: Turn the Page post into creative advertising to increase customer stickiness and interactions. It is suitable for two situations: increase post interactions and promote popular posts to generate orders. Please note that the subject is not a product but a post created on the Facebook Page.


Step 1 Select Ads Objectives >> Attract New Customers

Smart Ads breaks ad objectives up into two types: Attract New Customers and Past Purchasers Retargeting, according to the e-commerce marketing needs. If you set Attract New Customers as the objective, you can create four types of ads: Product Ads, Product Set Ads, Facebook Post Ads, and Dynamic Product Feed Ads. While the Past Purchasers Retargeting only supports Dynamic Product Feed Ads.


Step 2 Select Ad Assets>> Choose the Ad Account that You Want to Use to Create Ads


Step 3 Select Ads Type>> Facebook Post



Step 4 Choose post and engagement type

  • Facebook Post has two engagement types on Smart Ads: Get more purchases and Get more post reactions, comments, or shares
  • Select Facebook Post: you can use post ID or keywords to search for the post you need.


Note: Only when your posts meet the following requirements can they be used to create ads

  • The post URL must have: http: / / or https://
  • There must be a space or a newline before http:// or https://
  • The Facebook Post must contain an image or video.



Step 5 Preview Ads

Preview your Post Facebook Post Ads before publishing. 



Step 6  Set up budget, audience, and schedule

You can set the budget, audience interests, and schedule on the Targeting & Schedule Page. Click Publish to activate the Facebook Post Ad.

Note: You can set three audience interests for one Facebook Post Ad.


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