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Smart Ads: Configuring System Settings


This article describes how to configure common settings in the Smart Ads app, including account, currency, ad report time zone, and Facebook/Google advertising preferences. These settings are crucial for merchants and advertisers like you to efficiently place and manage their advertisements on the platforms.

By understanding and configuring correctly, you will be able to better manage and optimize your ad delivery, ensuring accurate advertising expense calculations, correct data analysis, and timely ad preference adjustments.


In This Article

  • System Settings
  • Facebook Ads Preference Settings
  • Google Ads Preference Settings
  • FAQ



System Settings

In this module, you can set up the currency and ad report time zone of your Smart Ads account.

Go to: Smart Ads > Settings > System Settings.



Facebook Ads Preference Settings

You can set the target return on ad spend (ROAS) of your advertisements and the region, age, and gender of your target audience.

Go to: Smart Ads > Settings > Ad Preference Settings > Facebook.



Google Ads Preference Settings

You can set the maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bid limit parameter. Currently, the ad preference settings apply to Google Shopping ads (product listing ads) only.

Go to: Smart Ads > Settings > Ad Preference Settings > Google.




Why are the sessions from non-targeted markets counted after the ad got delivered?

After an advertisement is placed, you may find the analytics of online store sessions includes the sessions from non-targeted markets; this may be caused by either of the following two reasons:

  • Users access the website using their IP addresses, and the platform includes the related sessions in statistical analysis.
  • When an ad is created, IP addresses from non-targeted countries or regions automatically capture website links.


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