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Smart Ads Settings

Smart Switch is a unique feature of Smart Ads. It could monitor your campaigns in real-time and help you make accurate decisions. Click Settings >> Smart Ad Settings >> to enable the algorithm to manage your ads:

  • Smart Switch for Facebook Ads: automatically turn off ads with poor performance.
    Smart Budget Optimization for Facebook Ads: automatically adjust budget according to campaign performance. 
  • Pause Facebook Ads automatically when the promoted product is out of stock. (If campaigns have good conversions, we recommend resuming your ads when products are in stock. )
  • Turning off Facebook ads after unblocking your account

Note: Smart Ad Settings is only available for Facebook Ads right now.



Instructions for turning off Facebook ads after unblocking your account

Background: At present, once the Facebook advertising account is blocked, the merchant cannot edit the advertising campaign, including switching and other operations. When the merchant appeals to restore the banned account, the historically active campaign will be launched directly. At this time, if it is not found and followed up in time, it may lead to ineffective waste of advertising budget.

Function description: When [Close Facebook Ads after account is unblocked] is enabled, Smart Ads will monitor the status of the bound Facebook ad account, and if it finds that the status of the ad account has changed from [Banned Status] to [Normal Status], it will send the ad The ad group Ad Set (including the Ad Set not created by Zhuge Advertisement) that is in the state of [Open] under the account is adjusted to the state of [Off]

*Note: Only Facebook channel campaigns will be monitored and managed here.

*Note: This function only handles the advertising accounts for the following reasons of banning, and does not intervene for other reasons: