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Creating Facebook Dynamic Product Ads with Smart Ads


This article guides you through creating Facebook dynamic product ads with Smart Ads, a powerful tool for personalized product promotion. Dynamic product ads leverage customer interest and behavior data to automatically display relevant products to users on Facebook and Instagram, boosting ad effectiveness and conversion rates.

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Introduction to Dynamic Product Ads

Facebook dynamic product ads let you showcase relevant products to customers on Facebook and Instagram based on their interests and behaviors. This format utilizes Facebook's advertising platform and customer data to dynamically present ad content, enhancing relevance and effectiveness.

Key features of Facebook dynamic product ads:

  • Personalized Display: Based on customer interest and behavior data, ads showcase products relevant to each user, increasing interest and click-through rates.
  • Dynamic Updates: Product information automatically updates in real-time based on your product collection and inventory, ensuring ad relevance and accuracy.
  • Multi-Platform Promotion: Dynamic product ads appear on both Facebook and Instagram, reaching a wider audience and boosting brand exposure.
  • Increased Purchase Conversion: Ads link directly to your product pages or mobile app, enabling seamless purchases and driving sales.

By leveraging dynamic product ads, you can target users based on their interests and behavior, providing a personalized shopping experience and increasing the likelihood of purchases. You can set up and manage these ads through Facebook's Ads Manager platform and optimize them based on performance for better advertising results.



Guide to Creating Dynamic Ads

From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Apps > Smart Ads to set up your Facebook ads.

  1. Select Your Campaign Goal: Go to the Campaign section and click Create Campaign to select your campaign goal. Smart Ads divides advertising goals into two categories:
    • New User Acquisition: Targets users who haven't interacted with your store before. It supports single product ads, product bundle ads, post ads, and dynamic product ads.
    • Retargeting: Reconnects with users who have already interacted with your store. It only supports dynamic product ads.
  1. Select Advertising Assets: Choose the account with the relevant assets for your ad.

    Note: Make sure you've set up required ad assets, such as ad account, Pixel, and fan page, beforehand. Refer to the "Facebook Asset Authorization Binding for Smart Ads" guide for details.

  2. Choose the Ad Type: Select Dynamic Product Feed to create dynamic product ads.

    • Facebook dynamic product ads automatically promote relevant products to customers based on their browsing behavior. This is ideal for retargeting, customer re-engagement, and similar scenarios. 
    • Targeting is based on product collections created on your admin panel, and currently only supports top-level collections (sub-collections are not yet supported).
  1. Select the Product Collection: After selecting Dynamic Product Feed as the ad type, choose the specific product feed you want to promote from the Product Feed options. You can select all products or a specific collection.

  2. Edit the Ad Creative: Design eye-catching images or videos as creative elements for your ad. Facebook will automatically rank them based on performance among your target audience. Additionally, customize your ad headline and copy.

    Note: Ad copy does not support these punctuation marks: ^~_={}[]|<>


  1. Set Budget, Audience, and Schedule: On the Audience Targeting page, you can define:
    • Budget: Set the budget for your ad campaign or ad set.
    • Schedule: Customize the start and end time for ad delivery.
    • Audience: Define your target audience based on factors like region, gender, age, and interests. 
      • After entering the target locations, you can save them for future use. This saves you time when creating new ads targeting the same areas.
      • Look for audience tags marked with a "HOT" icon. These are intelligent recommendations from Smart Ads based on your store's product performance and past ad results. They help you refine your targeting by suggesting user groups most likely interested in your products based on the characteristics of what you're promoting. This streamlines the audience selection process and helps you reach the right customers.

        Note: For creating Custom Audiences or Lookalike Audiences, refer to the "How to Create Meta Ads Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences in Smart Ads" guide.

  1. Publish Your Ad: Once you've completed all steps, click Publish to finalize your dynamic product ad creation.


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