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How to create Meta Dynamic Product Ads?

Meta Dynamic Product Ads: Automatically promote products to users according to their behaviour in your store. It is suitable for re-advertising and customer retention. Please note that the subject is not a product but a product catalogue (also known as a category) created in the main store. (Only the first-tier category is supported, sub-categories are not supported)


Step 1 Choose advertising objectives >> Attract new customers or Past Purchasers Retargeting


Step 2 Select Ad Assets>> Choose the Ad Account that You Want to Use to Create Ads.  



Step 3 Choose Ads type >> Dynamic Product Feed

Select the product category that needs to be promoted in "Product Feed." You can choose all the products or a specific product type to create a DPA ad.


Step 4 Edit Ad Creatives (copywriting, image, video)

Edit Copywriting

  • You can't use the following symbols in the content of your ads:    ^~_= {} [] | < > 
  • Ad Copy Library:
    • The library contains all the content used for the promoted product, and it will recommend ad copy that was used recently and has a higher CTR for you. Hover over the input box of Text/Title/Description, suggested content will pop up, and you can pick one of them as you need
  • Bulk Editing:
    • If you have several ads under the same campaign, you can use the bulk editing function to speed up ad creation. After you fill in one ad copy section (text/ title/ description), click the Sync button, and then the content will be applied automatically to the other ads.

Choose Image/ Video

  • You can use the product image to create your ads or upload an image/ video from your computer as part of your ads creatives. 


Step 5 Set up Budgets, Audience, and Schedule

After step 4, please click Next Step to finish the audience targeting settings.  Click Publish to activate the dynamic product ad.


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