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Considerations for Facebook Advertising Account Application


The article aims to offer essential considerations and guidelines for applying for Facebook advertising accounts. It assists in understanding the significance of advertising accounts, application considerations, FAQs, and best practices. This enables successful application and initiation of advertisement placement on Facebook.


In This Article



Review of Corporate Entity

  • Entity validity:
    • Search for “Company name/Unified social credit code" at http://www.gsxt.gov.cn/index.html
    • Common reasons for rejection:
      • The entity is in an exceptional state and not eligible for opening an account.
      • Please update the business license according to http://www.gsxt.gov.cn/index.html and update the account opening information.
  • Entity information accuracy:
    • The company name/unified social credit code (caption)/registered address shall be consistent with those on the business license and in simplified Chinese.
    • Common reasons for rejection:
      • Verify entity name
      • Keep the account opening information consistent with that on the business license
      • Keep the registered address consistent with that on the business license and in simplified Chinese
      • Keep the official company name consistent with that on the business license
      • Keep the unified social credit code consistent with that on the business license
      • Number of accounts opened by one entity:
        • One entity can open a maximum of five to seven Facebook e-commerce advertising accounts (The number of accounts remaining isn’t available for query. If the reason for rejection is no account remaining, then the account quota has been used up).
        • If an entity is used for opening the first account for a domain name, it should be used for opening subsequent accounts for that domain name; otherwise, the application will be rejected.



Review of Store Website

  • Website validity:
    • Common reasons for rejection:
      • Verify the validity of product links
      • Verify the security status of the website, “https” is required in domain names (Make sure websites for all categories are secure)
  • Website integrity:
    • Common reasons for rejection:
      • Information on the complementary website appears to be incomplete. Essential details such as About Us, Contact Us, Shipping Policy, and Return Policy are absent.
      • Complementary website information appears inconsistent with that used for account opening. Elements such as About Us, Contact Us, Shipping Policy, Return Policy, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service are not aligned.
      • Enhance the website construction: Ensure that jump links correspond accurately with the promoted website. Avoid situations where clicking on a link intended for website A directs users to a different website or a non-matching domain. 
      • Complementary website information: Add more products to ensure there are enough to populate at least two or three pages. Complete the categories by adding missing products, including images, and removing countdowns if they are not relevant. Ensure all categories have sufficient content and no missing information. Verify that all buttons lead to the correct destinations and include relevant content. Establish a clear relationship between any overseas address displayed on the website and the advertiser.
      • Complement website information: The domain name of the website after clicking isn’t the website to be promoted (Such a situation should be avoided as it may fail advertisement placement).



Review of Screenshots

  • Screenshots of the website admin panel
    • Store homepage and domain name setting page
    • Full-screen screenshots
    • URL display
  • Business License
    • Official seal required
    • Clear and visible



Review of Public Homepages

  • Public homepage validity:
    • Common reasons for rejection:
      • Check the release status of all fan pages
      • Check whether all fan pages are set up
  • Public homepage integrity:
    • Common reasons for rejection:
      • Public homepage doesn’t match the website to be promoted.
      • No content or related posts exist on the public homepage.
      • There are replications between multiple public homepages.
      • Adjust promotional wording: The product description should be true and effective, free of functional exaggerations.
      • Enrich the content of the public homepage: Add brand introduction, contact information (e-mail address and phone number), address, etc.



Other Suggestions

  • Information accuracy of products to be promoted and public homepage:
    • Common reasons for rejection:
      • Only the product link for promotion should be filled in on the website. The fan page should be filled in Facebook Page.
  • Match between business scope in business license and that in website:
    • Common reasons for rejection:
      • The business type doesn’t match that indicated in the company's business license. According to the business license, e-commerce isn’t included in the company’s business scope. This situation should be verified.
  • In compliance with recent financial policies:
    • Advertisements of financial and insurance products and services must be targeted at audiences above 18 years old.
    • Loan term should be no less than 91 days.
    • The address of the company offering the product must be indicated on the landing page.
    • Relevant expenses should be indicated on the landing page, including disclosing the annual interest rate and handling fee in the advertising landing page.
    • Avoid inducing behaviors, such as advocating the product is easily loanable, loan success, or quick loan, as the case may be.
  • Epidemic prevention supplies:
    • Medical masks are prohibited for the time being. Please adjust related products.
  • Prohibited products:
    • Knives: Kitchen utensils only. Other knives are prohibited
    • E-cigarette cigarettes: No
    • Drugs: No
  • Dating & social:
    • Considerations for app link review of social products:
      • Core: Whether the product expresses/implies that "the app can help you find the other half".
      • Content and keywords: Avoid dating elements such as dating, find soulmates, find girlfriend/boyfriend, get rid of being single, and find sb who matches you.
      • Images and scenes: Male and female chatting + heart emoji, male and female + like, male and female in the same picture + heart emoji.
      • No specific person / ID to attract users to download, which may result in uncertainties.
      • Copy, pictures, and videos can not contain sexually implicit behaviors (same for the reading category). 
  • Personal account validity:
    • Verify the status of your personal account.
  • Product links/websites for promotion/app ID:
    • If you promote Google Play/App Store, please add the product link to the website; if you only promote the official website, please delete the application number.
  • App product link and fan page:
    • The fan page is consistent with the content of the product link (information/brand/icon).
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