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Key Points of Opening Facebook Ad account Review

Before applying for a Facebook ad account, please check your account qualifications to avoid rejection of your application:

  1. Entity Review
  2. Site Review
  3. Account opening screenshot information check
  4. Fan Page Check
  5. Other-Check list


  1. Entity review

  • Entity validity:
    • Entity is abnormal, can not open an account
    • Please renew your business license and update your account opening information on this website according to
  • Accuracy of entity information
    • Please verify the name of the entity
    • Please maintain consistency of account opening information with the business license
    • Please keep the registered address and business license consistent and simplified Chinese
    • Please keep the company's official name consistent with the business license
    • Please keep the unified social credit code consistent with the business license
    • Company name / unified social credit code (case) / registered address and business license consistent and simplified Chinese
    • Common reasons for rejection:
  • Number of entity’s account
    • A single entity can open a maximum of 5-7 Facebook e-commerce advertising account (can not check the remaining number of accounts, once the entity is rejected for the reason that account opening is full, then the quota is full)
    • If a domain name uses A entity the first time it opens an account, then subsequently the domain name can only use A entity to open an account, other entities will be rejected.
    • ③ An entity can open an account for more than one different domain name, but following the above ① and ② rules

2.Site Review

  • Site validity:
      • Common reasons for rejection:
        • Please check the validity of the product links
        • Please check the security of the website, the website domain name should use https (please make sure that the website under each category is secure)
    • Site completeness:
      • Common reasons for rejection:
  • Please improve the website construction: missing information such as About Us/Contact Us/shipping policy/return policy
      • Please improve the website construction: the information in the website and the account opening information is inconsistent (such as about us/contact us/shipping policy/return policy/privacy policy/term of service)
      • Please improve the website construction: fb jump link does not match with the promotion website; (such as the website is A, jump to non-A; or jump to shopify, jump to its own home page, jump to the promotion domain that does not match); button gray; jump link is invalid
      • Please improve the website construction: few products, should be at least 2-3 screens; please improve the website construction: incomplete categories, pictures not added, please do not have countdown, no content under some categories, no content after some button jumps, relationship between overseas domains and advertisers in the website
      • Please improve the website construction: the promotion website does not match the domain name of the website after clicking (please avoid, in case that your promotion cannot be placed)


3.Account-opening Screenshot Check

Screenshot from the website backends (store home page and domain name setting page, full-screen screenshot, visible url) and business license (need to be stamped) should be clearly visible


4. Fan page check


  • Fan page validity:
    • Common reasons for rejection:
      • Please check the posting status of all fan pages
      • Please check if all fan pages are set
  • Fan page completeness:
    • Fan page does not match the promoted website
    • Fan page does not have any content or relevant postings
    • Whether there is duplication of multiple fan pages
    • Need to adjust the promotion language: the description of the product should be authentic and valid, and should not contain exaggerated product functions
    • Need to enrich the content of the fan page: brand introduction, contact information (email, phone), address, etc.
    • Common reasons for rejection:
  1. Others Check-list

  • Promoted products and fan page information are filled in correctly:

    • Common reasons for rejection:
      • Only links of promoted products can be filled in the website, please fill in the fan page to the Facebook Page
  • Whether the scope of business in the business license matches with the website:

    • Common reasons for rejection:
    • The actual business type and the company's business license does not match - according to the business license, e-commerce is not included in it. Please verify, thanks.
  • Inconsistent with recent financial policies

    • All advertisements for financial and insurance products and services must be targeted to users in the 18+ age group
    • The loan term must be at least 91 days
    • The physical address of the company offering the product must be indicated on the landing page
    • Costs are clearly stated on the landing page of the ads, including disclosure of APR and fees 
    • Inducement that is unable to introduce the product as easy/successful/quick loans, etc., depending on the circumstances
  • Epidemic prevention supplies

  • Medical masks are currently prohibited from being placed, please adjust the relevant products
  • Prohibited products

    • Knife: kitchen utensils are fine, others are not
    • Electronic cigarettes: No
    • Drugs: No
  • Dating & social

    • For social products, when reviewing app links, the following considerations apply.
      • The core: review whether it is explicitly/implicitly "APP has the attribute of helping you find someone"
      • Content, keywords: dating/find soulmates/find girlfriend,boyfriend/ get rid of being single/ find sb who matches you and other dating elements, the above cannot
      • Pictures, scenes: male and female heterosexual chat + red heart; male and female heterosexual + like; male and female heterosexual in the same frame + red heart
    • No specific person / ID to attract users to attract users to download, will have uncertain factors
    • Copy, pictures, videos can not contain sexually implicit behaviors (same for reading catagory)
  • Whether the personal account is valid

    • Please check the status of your personal account 
  • Product link/promotion website/APP id

    • If you promote Google Play/App store, please add the product link at the website; if you only promote the official website, please delete the application number
  • APP's product links and fan pages

    • Fan page should be consistent with product link content (info/brand name/icon)