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Facebook Ad Account Opening FAQ

When you have issues in the process of opening an account, you can click to see the relevant causes or solutions


Q:Why is the account always under FB review?

A:The general review cycle is in 3-5 working days, depending on the progress of FB review time, please wait patiently.


Q: Can I open a FB corporate advertising account with a Individual business license?

A:Individual business license is fine, but you need to confirm the scope of business, the links to open an account to match the scope of business license.



Q:How do I choose the time zone for opening an account and can I change it afterwards?

A:You can choose the time zone according to your actual placement demand, generally setting to GMT+8. The time zone is confirmed at the time of account opening application and cannot be modified after the account is opened.


Q:Can I add promotional links later?

A:Not allowed. Once the promotional link is submitted and the account is successfully opened, it cannot be modified or added later.


Q:Why can't I choose the existing business management platform andprimary Page?

A: The FB number in your application link needs to have admin access to the business management platform and theprimary Pagebefore you can select the existing business management platform andprimary Page.


Q:I can't open the product link when I open an account because of setting a specific region, can I open an account then?

A:Yes, you can. If you only place in a specific region, you can provide proof when you open an account that you only place the product in this region, and that the region in the product description should be the specific region


Q:What are the "Poor User Experience" that will be rejected as such?

A:Not only the common case of website construction, but also the poor construction of fan pages will be considered as this kind of rejection. You can add relevant brand introduction content, contact information (email, phone) and more original postings on your FB homepage to improve user experience.


Q:Can I use another business license to apply for an account after I used another business license to open an advertising account for my domain name?

A:You cannot. A domain name will be marked after an advertising account is placed with one business license, and then no other business license can be used to make an account application for this domain name. You can use another domain name/use the original business license to open a new account


Q:How many advertising accounts can be opened under one business license?

A:Facebook will judge the ad owner based on risk assessment, and a business license can open a maximum of 5 to 7 ad accounts


Q:Why does it show security verification when I submit an OE link?

A:This is a human verification, if it shows an error, you can try to change the network and submit again; if still can not be successfully submitted, you can wait for the network to be stable and then try again

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