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Facebook Advertising Account FAQ

When you face the following issues while using your advertising account, you can click to see the relevant causes or solutions.


Q:Why can't I find my ad account in BM even though it is bound to BM?

A:There are 3 solutions


2、Bug (try unbinding and then rebinding)

3、Replace Account id in URL bar 


Q:Why don't I have full control of my Facebook ad account?

A:Full control of the Facebook Ads account is on the agency side, and partial control does not affect our ability to perform the advertising portion of the operation or view the data.


Q:How do I assign my ad account to my personal Facebook account?

A:Detailed assignment process (need to operate in BM): "Account" - "Advertising Account" - select advertising account - "Add User" - select user - "Standard Permissions" - "Assign"


Q:How can I check my ad account balance?

A:You can check it out at the following URL:


Q:Why is my ad account balance zeroed out for no reason?

A:There are several possible scenarios.

  • Demand: a clearing demand has been submitted
  • Major violation: account has a major violation
  • Security check: media detection
  • Bugs


Q:My account was running fine, how come there is no spending suddenly?

A:The reasons for this are as follows.

  • The account limit is reduced to 0
  • Page is blocked
  • Problems with ad settings


  • Amount limited: advertising violation + bad government credit record, remove daily spending limit:, click "billing threshold"
  • Page blocked: appeal page:
  • Advertising settings: The customer has restricted or blocked part of the audience making it impossible to place ads, etc.


Q:How can I solve the problem of "Account Error" in my ad account status?

A:A common reason for this is that your ad account has reached the upper limit of the balance setting and you just need to add the budget.


Q:The customer wants to transfer all accounts under entity A to entity B because entity A has been flagged, is it possible?


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