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Smart Ads FAQs: Facebook Ad Account Issues


When running Facebook advertising campaigns with Smart Ads, you might encounter some issues that can disrupt your workflow. This FAQ article provides solutions to common problems to help you resolve them quickly.


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Fixing Common Facebook Ads Account Issues in Smart Ads


  1. Why can’t I find my ad account in Business Manager even though it was already linked to it?

There are mainly the following three reasons:

    • Delay: Refresh the page and check again.
    • Bug: Unlink and relink the account again.
    • Ad account selection error: Replace the URL bar with the corresponding Account ID.


  1. Why can't I make all changes to my Facebook ad account? 

Facebook advertising accounts are fully controlled by the agency that opened the account. However, partial control won't prevent you from viewing data or running ads.


  1. How do I assign my ad account to a personal facebook account?

Refer to the detailed allocation procedure as follows (operation needs to be done in your Business Manager):

    1. Go to Meta Business settings > Ad accounts in the Business Manager.
    2. Select the corresponding advertising account.
    3. Click Assign People.
    4. Select the Facebook personal account you wish to assign your advertising account to.
    5. Select the permissions you wish to assign (in general, "Manage Campaigns").
    6. Click Assign.

The allocation is completed.


  1. How do I check the balance of my ad account?

You can check your account balance at:


  1. Why is my ad account cleared for no reason?

There are several reasons why your ad account might be cleared:

    • You submitted a clearing request.
    • There are serious violations with your account.
    • Media detection or detected anomalies.
    • Bug


  1. Why is my account suddenly not spending any money?

There are several reasons why your account might stop spending:

    • Your budget limit has been reduced to zero.
    • Your Fan Page is blocked.
    • There are advertising setting issues.


The solutions are as follows:


  1. What should I do when my ad account delivery status shows "account error"?

This is normally because your advertising account is running out of balance. Please top it up.

  1. When clicking "Connect Ad Account" in Smart Ads' "Channel Settings," why can't I find my desired ad account in the list?

If you can’t find a specific ad account, it is usually because the Manage campaigns feature is not authorized in your Business Manager.

When authorizing assets, if your ad account can’t be accessed by Smart Ads, return to Facebook Business Manager and ensure that the Manage campaigns option is enabled.


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