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Facebook Page (Definition, Creation Flow, Asset Authorization, and FAQs)


A Facebook Fanpage serves as a dedicated page representing individuals, brand names, organizations, or businesses. It offers various features to establish a brand image and engage with the audience effectively.

This document offers a comprehensive guide on creating and managing a Facebook Page, along with FAQ support. It covers the definition and purpose of a Facebook Page, as well as instructions on creating it, authorizing assets, enhancing operations, engaging with the audience, and effectively promoting the brand name and content.


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Introduction to Facebook Fanpage

Facebook Fanpage is a feature on the Facebook platform intended to function as a dedicated page representing individuals, brand names, organizations, or businesses. It offers an interactive platform where fans and audiences can follow, like, comment, and share content posted by the page owner.

In the e-commerce realm, Facebook Fanpage offers the following applications and value:

  • Exhibition and promotion of brand name: Creating a fanpage enables e-commerce enterprises to showcase and promote their brand names, products, and services. The page offers customizable layout and design options to highlight the brand image and showcase its unique value proposition to potential customers.
  • Fan interaction: The fanpage facilitates direct interactive relationships between businesses and their target audience. Enterprises can post content such as product updates, promotions, and news, while fans can engage by commenting, asking questions, and sharing their opinions. This interaction fosters brand loyalty, builds trust, and establishes long-term relationships with the audience.
  • Advertisement: Facebook provides advertising management tools that, when combined with Fanpage data, offer e-commerce enterprises deep insights into the characteristics, interests, and behaviors of their audience. This data enables businesses to precisely target their advertising audience and run targeted advertisements, thereby enhancing advertisement effectiveness and conversion rates.
  • Sales and conversion: E-commerce enterprises can directly showcase and sell products on the Fanpage by providing purchase links or integrating with e-commerce platforms. This creates an additional sales channel, allowing fans and audiences to conveniently browse and purchase products, thereby boosting sales and conversion rates.

In summary, a Facebook Fanpage serves multiple crucial roles in the e-commerce sector, encompassing brand name exhibition, audience interaction, community building, advertising, and sales facilitation. It offers e-commerce enterprises a robust platform to forge strong connections with fans and audiences, promote brand names effectively, drive sales growth, and foster enduring customer relationships.



Creating a Facebook Fanpage

You can perform the following steps:

  1. Log into your Facebook account.
  2. Click on Pages on the left side of the toolbar.
  3. Click on Create new Page to start.
  4. Enter the page name and category of your fanpage. Then, click on Create Page to complete the process.
  5. You can add personalized signatures, Avatars, and cover photos if you want a custom Facebook Page.



Adding the Facebook Page to the Business Manager (BM)


  • You must have a primary Facebook Fanpage to request visit permission or add other authenticated pages. Learn in detail how to change your primary fanpage in Facebook Business Manager.
  • To add a Facebook Page to your business account, you must have full permission.
  • You must have full permission and control over the business account.

You can perform the following steps:

  1. Log into your Facebook account.
  2. Go to Facebook Business Manager >  Settings (gear icon) in the side column.
  3. Go to Accounts > Pages to enter your Facebook page list.
  4. Click on the Add button on the right side of the screen..
  5. Select Create a new Facebook Page.
  6. Fill out the details for your new fan page and confirm the summary of change as well as the page access. 
  7. Click on Create Page.
  8. The next screen would exhibit your Facebook Page. You can add users here to manage this Facebook Page.



Assets Authorization (Linking Facebook Page on SHOPLINE)

Authorization through FBE

For the Facebook Fanpage authorization, please refer to Facebook Business Extension. This integration streamlines operations by connecting Business Manager (BM), Facebook Pages, Facebook Business Advertising accounts, Facebook Pixels, Instagram business accounts, and product information. With a one-time authorization, operational efficiency is significantly enhanced. 

Authorizing Only The Connection of the Facebook Fanpage

Please refer to the Connection to Facebook and Instagram.




What Differs Facebook's Personal Profile from Its Fanpage?

Facebook's profile is for personal use and represents an individual in the private space. It's automatically created when you register for a Facebook account and is used for sharing personal updates and connecting with friends and family. However, it cannot be used for business promotion.

On the other hand, a Facebook Page, also known as a Fanpage, is specifically designed for businesses, brands, and organizations. It allows them to share updates, engage with followers, and promote their products or services. A Facebook Page is crucial for shaping brand image and can be used for business promotion. It's also a prerequisite asset for setting up a Facebook advertising account.

How to Name a Fanpage?

A Facebook personal account can create multiple pages. It is advisable to keep the name of Fanpage consistent with the website brand name.

How to View Page ID?

From the Page, you can see the Page ID which is a string of numbers in the address bar. If the above steps do not display the Page ID, you should open the Page, and press Ctrl+U. Then a page will pop up. You should press Ctrl+F, enter "page_id," and if not found, try "PageID".

Why Would the Page Fail to Send A Message?

This situation mostly occurs when the Page is usually restricted or banned. The administrator of the home page needs to appeal. 

Please refer to the appeal link.

Why Can’t the New Advertisements on The Account Pass The Audit While The Old Ones Still Run Normally?

Page issues (involving permission issues and requiring the administrator's appeal).

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