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Facebook Page (Definition, Creation Process, Asset Authorization, FAQ)

This article will focus on Facebook Page and answer you from the following three aspects:
What is a Facebook Page?
How to create a Facebook Page (public home page)?
How to add Facebook Page to Business Manager?
common problem
What is the difference between a Facebook Profile and a Public Page?
How to name Page?
How to check Page ID?
Why can't Page send messages?
The new ads on the account cannot be reviewed and the old ads run normally. Why is this?

What is a Facebook Page?
A Facebook Page (Public Home Page), also known as a Fan Page, is created specifically to promote a business, brand, or other business reasons. Usually an individual can open a Page on his Personal Profile, and he can manage the Facebook Page through his personal identity. Because Pages are primarily designed for commercial use, they have many features not available with Personal Profile, including analytics, advertising, and managing want-to-publish posts. Facebook Page represents the image of your business on the Facebook platform and is what you need to prepare before opening a Facebook advertising account.


How to Create a Facebook Page
You can create a Facebook Page by referring to the following steps:
1. Create a Page via Facebook
Click "Create"/"Create" at the top of the page and select Home/Page.

2. Choose a business category for your Facebook Page
Local business or attraction
company, organization or institution
brand or product
artist, band or socialite
idea initiative or community group

3. Select an industry category
Choose an industry category that matches your business. Then fill in the basic information of the business.
Agree to the Facebook Page Terms.
Click "Get Started Now"


4. Optimize and start making connections
Add a description and URL (if any).
Add avatars from your computer or mobile device.
You can also add a Page to your Facebook account's Favorites, so you can quickly access the Page after logging in.
Select "reach more users" to instantly reach new audiences.
Click "Save Information", and the home page is created successfully.


Asset authorization
How to add Facebook Page to Business Manager?
Please follow the steps below to add an existing Page to Business Manager (business management platform)
1. Enter your business management platform, find the public homepage under your account, and click "Add".

common problem
Q: What is the difference between a Facebook personal page and a public page?
A: Facebook personal homepage is a private space. As long as you register a facebook account, you will have a personal homepage, and it only represents an individual. It is generally used to publish daily news, but it cannot be used for commercial promotion. The Facebook public page is also known as the fan page. It is a page used by companies, brands and organizations to share news and communicate with fans. It is generally used to build a brand image and can be used for commercial promotion. It must be prepared before opening a FB advertising account. good asset.

Q: How to name Page?
A: A FB personal account can create multiple homepages, and the homepage name and website domain name (brand name) must be the same.

Q: How to check Page ID?

A: Enter Page, a string of numbers in the URL bar is the Page ID. If the Page ID does not appear in the above operation, press Ctrl+U after opening the Page, and a page will pop up, then press Ctrl+F, and enter "page_id". , if not, enter "PageID".

Q: Why can't Page send messages?
A: In most cases, the Page is restricted or blocked. A homepage administrator is required to appeal: Please refer to the appeal link:

Q: The new advertisements on the account cannot be reviewed and the old advertisements run normally. Why is this?
A: Page issue (involving permission issues, requires administrator appeal).


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