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Facebook Business Manager (Definition, Creation Flow, Asset Authorization, and FAQs)


Facebook Business Manager serves as a centralized platform for efficiently managing and controlling your Facebook assets, facilitating team collaboration, and overseeing advertisement management activities.

This article provides insights into the definition, creation process, and asset authorization, as well as addresses frequently asked questions regarding Facebook Business Manager. By leveraging this information, you can effectively organize and manage your Facebook assets, including advertising accounts, pages, and apps, streamlining advertisement management and fostering collaboration within your team.


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Introduction to Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager (FBM) is a professional advertising and asset management platform provided by Facebook. It is designed to assist enterprises and marketing teams in efficiently managing and organizing their advertising accounts, pages, apps, and associated assets on the Facebook platform.

The primary functions of Facebook Business Manager include:

  • Centralized asset management: you can collectively manage and control a variety of assets including your Facebook advertising accounts, public homepages, data sources, and directories. Regardless of the number of advertising accounts or pages, you can view and manage all your assets on a centralized platform.
  • Collaboration: Business Manager supports multi-user access and teamwork. You can invite team members to Business Manager and assign different roles and authorities to them, to manage and control different assets based on job responsibilities. In this way, all team members can manage advertising campaigns in a collaborative environment and work more efficiently.



Creating a Facebook Business Manager Account

Method 1: Creating Directly on The Business Management Platform

  1. Log into your Facebook account.
  2. Go to your Facebook Business Manager account and click Create an account.
  3. Fill in the business asset information and click Continue.
  4. Enter your email address/phone number and click Verify now.
  5. You will receive an email/SMS containing the verification code. Fill in the code in the verification box and click OK.

Method 2: Creating a FBM by Submitting an OE Account for The First Time

You can file an OE request for BM creation when your advertising account is approved (It is generally recommended to get your BM ready before account opening).



Asset Authorization

For the Facebook Business Manager authorization, please refer to Facebook Business Extension, which integrates the Business Manager (BM), Facebook Pages, Facebook business advertising accounts, Facebook pixels, Instagram business accounts, and product information. The completed flow enables a one-time authorization, enhancing operational efficiency.




  1. Why Can't I Create a FBM?

Here are the common reasons:

  • Your account is newly created (still under observation). You need to add authentic personal information to your homepage.
  • One personal account can apply for two BMs only.
  • System bug. You can apply again in a while.
  • This personal account has created a BM previously, and the BM has been blocked. You must clarify the situation before you can create another BM.
  1. How Do I Access FBM?

You can access FBM via the following URL: https://business.facebook.com.

  1. How Do I Access FBM from Facebook Business Suite?

In Facebook Business Suite, click More tools > Business Manager Settings.

  1. How Do I Know My FBM ID?

When you’re already in BM, the digits following “business id=" in the URL are your BM ID. You can also click Business Manager Info to check your BM ID.

  1. My BM Is Not Blocked, Why Can't I Bind PIXEL?

This is because your BM was created recently. A newly created BM needs to go through a media policy compliance period (in general 1 or 2 weeks) before you can proceed with authorization or share Pixel or other assets with other BMs.

  1. The System Keeps Prompting Me To Verify My Account. What Should I Do?

The common reasons for this would be the following:

  • Network issues; or
  • Your BM is blocked.
  • How to differentiate them?
    • If you’re only prompted to verify your account, it is usually a network issue.
    • If you’re prompted to verify your account with a feedback screenshot of a blocked BM, your account is affected because your BM is blocked, and you need to appeal by yourself. Here is the link to the appeal link.
  1. Why Can’t I Click on Business Verification in FBM?

  • Method 1: Go to Meta for Developers, and click My apps in the upper right.
    • Copy the app code (If there is no app, click to create one. If there are apps, return to the business verification page directly).
    • Select a type that fits your business, such as commerce for e-commerce customers, and click Continue.
    • Fill in the display name, contact email address, and purpose of the app, fill in your Business Manager account (optional), and click Continue to complete the app creation.
    • After that, you can verify your BM in the Security Center.
  • Method 2: Find a public homepage that is created more than 90 days ago and authorize it to BM.
    • Click Authenticated public homepage in the left column, and then click News public homepage. In the right column, click to select the homepage newly added.
    • Click Verify your Business Manager.
    • Wait for the page to refresh, and you will see the business verification button operable.
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