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Facebook Business Manager (Definition, Creation Process, Asset Authorization, FAQ)

This article will focus on Facebook Business Manager and answer you from the following three aspects:

  • What is BM?
  • How to create BM?
  • Asset authorization
  • common problem
    • Why can't I create BM?
    • How to get into BM?
    • How to enter Facebook Business Manager (BM) from Facebook Business Suite?
    • How to check BM ID?
    • BM has not been blocked, why is there no way to bind PIXEL?
    • The system keeps prompting to verify the account, how can I solve it?
    • Why can't the company verification in BM be clicked?
    • BM problems encountered in Smart Ads
    • On the channel setting page, click [Connect BM], and the BM you want to connect cannot be pulled from the list?

What is BM?
BM is the abbreviation of Business Manager, namely the business management platform. BM helps you centrally manage your ad accounts, pages, apps and permissions.

How to create BM?
Method 1: Create BM through
After logging in to your FB personal account, go to and click "Create Account"
After filling in the information, enter the mailbox to find the verification email, click "Verify Now", the BM is created successfully
Method 2: Create a BM by submitting an OE account for the first time
Create BM through the OE application filled in when opening an account (but it is generally recommended to prepare BM before opening an account)

Asset authorization
You need to confirm your Facebook number:
Have "Administrative Access" to your Facebook Business Manager
BM with admin privilege authorizes your advertising account "Campaign Management Privilege"

common problem

Q: Why can't I create BM?
A: The reasons are as follows:
1. If the account is still new (still under observation), more personal information needs to be added to the personal homepage

2. The same personal account can only apply for 2 BM
3. System bug, you can apply again later
4. This personal account has created a BM in the history, and the BM has been blocked. You must appeal before you can create it again.


Q: How to enter BM?
A: BM can be accessed through the following URL:


Q: How to enter Facebook Business Management Platform (BM) from Facebook Business Suite?
A: Click "More Tools - Business Management Platform Settings" in Facebook Business Suite.


Q: How to check BM ID?
A: After entering BM, a string of numbers after "business id=" in the URL bar is the BM ID; you can also click "Business Management Platform Information" to view the BM ID


Q: BM has not been banned, why is there no way to bind PIXEL?
A: Because BM is newly created. Newly created BMs need to comply with the media policy for several weeks (usually 1-2 weeks) before they can perform relevant authorization actions or share pixels or other assets with other BMs.

Q: The system keeps prompting to verify the account, how can I solve it?
2 reasons
affected by the network
BM is blocked
How to judge:
If it is only the prompt feedback to verify the account: Network problem
If you are prompted to verify the account + BM is blocked, the screenshot feedback: the account is affected due to the blocked BM, and the customer needs to appeal by himself. Complaint link:


Q: Why can't I click on the company verification in BM?
Method 1:, click my app in the upper right corner
Copy the application code (if there is no application, you need to click to create an application, if there is an application, you can directly return to the company verification page)
According to the business selection type, the e-commerce customer selects the business and clicks to continue
Fill in the application display name, application contact email, application purpose, fill in the business management platform account (not required), click Continue to apply and the creation is complete
After the creation is completed, you can do BM verification in the security center
Method 2: Find a public homepage that is more than 90 days old and authorize the homepage to BM
Click "Certified Public Pages" in the left column, then click "News Public Pages", click Select Homepage in the right column, and select the homepage you just added
Click on "Verify Your Business Manager"
Wait for the page to refresh and you can see the company verification button is available

BM problems encountered in Smart Ads 
Q: On the channel setting page, click [Connect BM], but the BM that you want to connect cannot be pulled from the list?
A: If the Smart Ads cannot read your Facebook Business Manager, please check whether you have Facebook Business Manager permissions