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How to Create and Manage Google Feed?


Create Google Feed

Step 1 Enter into the Google Feed Page

Click Assets >> Google Feed to start adding Google Feed to Smart Ads



Step 2 Create Google Feed

  • Click Add Google Feed in the upper right corner of the page 
  • Set up Target Market, Language, and Google Feed Product Setting



  • You can set multiple countries in bulk in Target Market. We recommend you to choose 1 to 2 countries at a time to ensure GMC approves your Google Feed. You can add additional countries after your ads are active. 
  • The Specific Collections under the Source Collections shows the first level of categories in your store.
  • The language of the first Feed should be consistent with the store language, and the language of the following Feed will be the same as the first Feed, and you are not allowed to change them. Smart Ads will support you to set multiple languages within one Feed ASAP. 



Step 3 Set Product Data Attributes

  • Click Add Google Feed >> Set Product Data Attributes 
  • Click Save after setting up all the attributes



Edit and Update Product Feed

Step 1 Select Google Feed

Select the Google Feed you want to modify in the Asset section. 



Step 2 Select Product

  • Select the product you want to edit
  • Click Edit to update the product attributes. You can also select multiple products at once and use Bulk Edit feature