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Creating Google Product Listing Ads with Smart Ads


This guide will show you how to create effective Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) using Smart Ads. PLAs are a form of online advertising that lets you showcase product images, prices, and relevant information directly on Google search result pages, capturing customer attention and driving sales.


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Introduction to Google PLA Ads

Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) grab attention and encourage purchases by displaying product images, prices, and details directly on search result pages. Unlike traditional text ads, PLA Ads are presented as images with product information, typically appearing at the top or right side of the search result page. When customers search for product-related keywords on Google, relevant PLA ads appear in the search results.

Key features of Google PLA Ads:

  • Image display: PLA ads showcase product images, allowing customers to visually understand their features. This increases customer interest and click-through rates.
  • Product information: PLA ads display product images, prices, brands, store names, and other details, providing customers with essential information directly on the search result page.
  • Targeted audience: Google Ads allows advertisers to target PLA Ads to specific locations, languages, and target audiences, ensuring ads reach the most relevant potential customers.
  • Purchase conversion: PLA ads link directly to product pages for seamless purchasing. This improves conversion rates and drives sales.

By using Google PLA Ads, merchants can increase brand awareness, attract potential customers, and boost online sales by displaying products on Google search result pages. Advertisers can set up and manage PLA ads through the Google Ads platform and optimize them based on ad performance.


Google PLA Ads Creation Guide

Here's how to create a campaign:

  1. From your SHOPLINE admin panel, go to Apps > Smart Ads.

  2. In the app, go to Campaign > Google and click Create Campaign.

  3. Select New user acquisition.

  4. In the Ad Type section, choose Shopping Ads.

  5. Set up your ad Assets.
    Note: Before running PLA ads, it is required to sync your products with GMC using Google Feed. For more details, refer to the "Google Merchant Center Setup" guide.

  6. Set your budget and schedule, and then click Publish.


Your campaign has been successfully created.


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