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How to Update Google Feed after Upgrading Your Store from SHOPLINE EC1.0 to EC2.0?

Google Feed is a critical tool for uploading product information to Google Merchant Center for advertising and promotion. After upgrading your store to EC2.0, you need to update and migrate Google Feed accordingly to ensure product information is accurate and ad displays are effective.


This article provides detailed procedures and guidance for updating and migrating Google Feed after migrating your store your store is migrated from SHOPLINE EC1.0 to EC2.0. 


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Deactivating Google Feed in EC1.0

After updating your store from SHOPLINE EC1.0 to EC2.0, follow the steps below to update Google Feed:

  1. Deactivate your Google Feed in SHOPLINE EC1.0 and make sure no new feed is generated.
  2. Log in to your Google Merchant Center (GMC) account and delete the feeds related to SHOPLINE EC1.0, making sure the older version of data is no longer uploaded.




Synchronizing Google Feed in EC2.0


Note: This is equivalent to deactivating feeds in EC1.0 and creating new feeds in EC2.0.


SHOPLINE supports Google Feed synchronization through multiple tools. You can choose any of the following methods for synchronization:

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