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How to Address GTIN Errors in GMC?


When uploading product data and connecting GTINs in Google Merchant Center (GMC), you may encounter GTIN errors that can lead to product rejection or display issues. Learn how to address these errors in this article.


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Introduction to GTIN

A Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) is a unique identifier for products worldwide, which is used to ensure accurate identification and classification of products on Google's advertising platform. Use the GTIN [gtin] property to submit the GTIN to Google. Providing GTINs helps Google optimize your ads or unpaid product details, making it easier for customers to find your products. Products without a unique product identifier may be difficult to classify and might not be able to utilize some programs or features of Google Shopping.



How to Fill in GTIN in SHOPLINE

GMC retrieves the information of the Barcode field on the product details page of your SHOPLINE admin for the GTIN field.
2 GTIN.png



Formatting Guidelines

It is strongly recommended to submit this property for all products that have a manufacturer-assigned GTIN. It is best to provide the GTIN along with the Manufacturer Part Number (MPN). When providing a GTIN, ensure that it is correct.  If in doubt, do not provide a GTIN. Do not try to guess or fabricate the GTIN value.

If an MPN is not provided, this GTIN property is required.

Without a GTIN, Google can’t guarantee accurate product matching.

Several different types of identifiers are considered GTIN [gtin]. You can submit any of the following identifiers for the GTIN property:

  • UPC (applicable in North America, also known as GTIN-12): 12 digits (convert the 8-digit UPC-E code to a 12-digit code)
  • EAN (applicable in Europe, also known as GTIN-13): 13 digits
  • JAN (applicable in Japan, also known as GTIN-13): 8 or 13 digits
  • ISBN (applicable to books): 13 digits (convert ISBN-10 to ISBN-13). If both formats are available, only enter the 13-digit code.
  • ITF-14 (applicable to multi-item bundles, also known as GTIN-14): 14 digits




Here are the solutions to address GTIN errors:

  • Verify the accuracy of GTIN: First and foremost, merchants need to carefully check that the GTINs provided are correct. Ensure that each product's correct GTIN is entered and connected correctly to avoid errors due to mismatches.
  • Confirm the legitimacy of the product: Make sure that the product indeed has a valid GTIN. Sometimes, the product provided by suppliers may not have a legitimate GTIN or there could be issues with it. In such cases, merchants should contact the supplier to obtain accurate and legitimate GTIN information.
  • Explore alternative solutions: If the product truly lacks a GTIN or a valid GTIN can't be obtained, merchants might consider using other optional identifiers, such as the brand's MPN or the "Exemption" property provided by Google, to successfully upload the product data.
  • Contact Google’s support team: If merchants have attempted the above solutions and still can’t resolve the GTIN error, it is recommended to contact Google Merchant Center’s support team. They can provide more specific assistance and guidance to address GTIN errors in particular scenarios.

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