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Solutions for GMC Account Suspensions


If your Google Merchant Center (GMC) account is suspended, you can refer to the useful steps and suggestions provided in this article to solve the issues and regain your GMC access.


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How to Identify a Suspended Account

Option 1: The suspension status of an account will be displayed in the red status bar at the top of Google Merchant Center homepage.

Option 2: In the left toolbar of Google Merchant Center, click through Products > Diagnosis > Account issues, and you’ll see the account suspension notification.

Notes: To maintain the health of your account and avoid further impact, you are highly recommended not to open new accounts while the existing one is being suspended. This could lead to new accounts being suspended as well, posing adverse impact on the health of the account, and possibly resulting in other associated accounts being blacklisted by Google.

Opening new accounts may be considered as a violation by Google, making it more difficult to reactivate the account. Google analyzes the association between accounts. If multiple accounts are found to be associated with each other, when one account is suspended, other associated accounts may also be blacklisted, further restricting your advertising attempts.



GMC Account Review

Submitting an Review Application

Go to GMC Review Form and submit your application.

If you need to request a review for your suspended account, prepare for the following:

  • Rectifications: Troubleshoot carefully following the Google website checklist and the tips you received via email, optimize and rectify accordingly.
  • Materials for reviewing: Prepare sufficient materials for reviewing according to the template. Keep in mind that the more evidence and information you provide, the greater chance you have to reactivate your account. Explain in detail the legitimacy of your business and elaborate on the rectification measures you have taken for your website. It is also recommended to provide materials or certificates that can highlight your strengths, such as awards, news reports or brand licenses.
  • Submitting the review application form: Pay special attention to providing a summary of issues when completing the form. The summary of issue plays an important role in improving the chance of approval. Communicate your information as much as possible to support the legitimacy of your business, and elaborate on the rectifications you have made.
  • Contacting Google Account Manager: You will receive a feedback email after submitting the review application form. If you have a dedicated Google Account Manager, share the CASE ID in the email and ask him/her to follow up your review internally.
  • Waiting for Google's email reply: After submitting the appeal form, wait patiently for an email reply from Google. Google will assess your review and communicate next steps and solutions with you in a timely manner.


Reaching Out to Google Support Team

Should you still experience issues with your Google Merchant Center, reach out to Google Support team by phone or chat. These options are available in GMC’s Help Center. If the issues you’re experiencing are related to Google Ads, it is recommended that you contact the Google Ads Help Center.

Go to the Google Merchant Center homepage and proceed as follows:

  1. Click the Help icon (a question mark) at the top of the page and select Help center and support > Contact Us.
  2. Select the GMC account to submit a review for, describe your issue, and click Next.
  3. Check whether the recommended help resources can solve the issue. If not, click Next.
  4. Select Chat, describe the problem, and click Submit after filling in all information.



Practical Suggestions (How to Avoid GMC Account Suspension)

In order to avoid your Google Merchant Center (GMC) account being suspended, make sure to provide authentic website information. Google takes the authenticity of website information as one of the important indicators for ranking.

Here are some practical suggestions to prevent your GMC account from being suspended:

  • Product authenticity: Make sure that the products you present in GMC are exactly the same as what you actually provide. Provide accurate product information, specifications, prices and inventory status, and make sure you maintain an adequate inventory for order fulfillment.
  • Content authenticity: Provide authentic, accurate and valuable content. Make sure your product descriptions, images and other relevant information match the actual products, and avoid misleading or exaggerating wording.
  • Promotion authenticity: When you offer promotions or special offers in GMC, make sure they are authentic. Comply with relevant regulations, specify promotion terms and conditions clearly, and make sure that you’re capable of delivering the favorable prices and services as promised.
  • Review authenticity: If you allow customers to review your product, make sure those reviews are truthful and credible. Don't fake or manipulate reviews; instead, encourage authentic customer feedback and experience sharing.
  • After-sales authenticity: Provide true and reliable after-sales support and customer service. Make sure your return policy, after-sales warranty and customer support channels are truly available and effective. Respond to customers' questions and complaints in a timely manner.

By following these practical suggestions, you can improve your GMC account compliance and reduce the risk of being suspended. In addition, it is also important to check your website and product information on a regular basis to ensure they’re up-to-date and accurate.



Common Reasons for Suspensions and The Solutions

Common reasons for account warnings and suspension, as well as suggested solutions are listed as the following:

  • Missing return and exchange policy:
    • Reason: If you haven’t specified a clear return and exchange policy for your SHOPLINE store, you may receive an account warning or suspension.
    • Suggested solution: Add a clear return and exchange policy from your SHOPLINE admin panel to make sure customers clearly understand your return and exchange process and policy.
  • Incomplete shipping information:
    • Reason: You haven’t clearly and comprehensively specified shipping rates and delivery lead times in your delivery policy, nor provided lead time and shipping rate estimates for different regions and markets.
    • Suggested solution: Optimize your delivery policy to clearly communicate shipping rates and delivery lead times, and provide accurate lead time and shipping rate estimates for different regions and markets.
  • Insufficient contact information:
    • Reason: The contact information of your store doesn’t comply with Google's requirements.
    • Suggested solution: Add accurate contact information from your SHOPLINE admin panel to make sure they meet Google's requirements.
  • Non-compliant product content:
    • Reason: Non-compliance includes but is not limited to selling counterfeits, misrepresenting merchant and/or product information, adult-oriented content, suspicious images, reviews and click farming, false plugins and external links.
    • Suggested solution: Delete or replace non-compliant product content to ensure your products comply with laws, regulations and Google's policy.



Common Reasons for Product Violations and The Solutions

To make sure your products are approved and presented to customers on Google, pay attention to the following data quality warnings and update related product data according to the solutions provided.

  • Violation of shopping advertising policy:
    • Remove all violating products and reapply for review.
  • Product identification issues:
    • Assign a valid product identifier (such as GTIN, MPN and brand) to each product.
    • Verify the accuracy and format of identification codes.
  • Lack of brand information:
    • Add the correct brand for all new products.
    • Don’t submit invalid or generic brand names.
  • Excessive use of capital letters:
    • Remove overused and fancy capital letters to enhance credibility of advertisements and product pages.
  • Using generic images:
    • Upload clear key product images for each product.
    • Don’t use generic images such as logos or text indicating "no image available".
  • Promotional content overlay on images:
    • Upload new images without promotional text or other obscuring elements.
    • Refer to Google’s help document to fix the promotional overlays on images.
  • Images too small:
    • Upload new images that meet the specified size requirements.
    • Image size and file size must meet the requirements.
  • Invalid Google product category:
    • Provide correct Google product category information.
    • Provide specific category information where possible.
  • Conflicting values (GTIN and brand):
    • Provide the correct GTIN information associated with the brand.
    • Verify GTIN of U.S. brands with the GS1 GEPIR tool.
  • Specific issues related to Clothing and Accessories:
  • Provide required gender, size, color, and age group information.
  • Use correct formats and recognizable values.

Update the data of relevant products according to the above solutions, so as to ensure your products are approved and presented to customers on Google. Should you receive other product warnings from Google, please visit the Google Help Center for respective solutions.

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