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Review collection page - setup process

1、What is review collection page?

The evaluation collection page filters out the high-quality evaluations in the store or the evaluation content you want to show to customers and collects them on one page, and puts them in the first-level navigation of the store in the form of evaluation wall.


2、How to set it up?


2.1、Setup Process




2.2、Setting Description

● You can select activated products with no more than 1000 pieces;
● Combine product reviews and put them into review collection page based on selected conditions. Reviews will be sorted and displayed to customer by review date;
● Once you selected store's first-level catalog, system will automatically add review collection page to the last menu item of the first-level catalog and name it as 「Customer Reviews」 by default. You can also go to Online Store - Menu Navigation page to complete corresponding settings, e.g. menu item position on mobile device, rename the menu item. Please don't modify the URL to ensure that reviews can be acquired successfully;
● When switched off the review collection page, a default page will appear on customer App, you can delete menu of the collection page in Online Store - Menu Navigation page if you don't need it;
● When uninstalled review management extension, review collection page will be automatically deleted from store's first-level menu catalog;



2.3、About Fix

● When error occured on review collection page, you can fix problems quickly through 「Click to fix」;
● If the problem cannot be fixed, 「Click to fix」 willl be put in the first-level catalog list, you can select catalog again to add the menu.


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