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Access POS on Device

Table of Contents

  1. Download your POS APP
  2. Log in to POS
  3. Start your first business
  4. Staff Work Data Record
  5. Manage your store data
  6. Other POS related features
  7. Frequently Asked Questions



1. Download your POS App

Search [SHOPLINE POS]  in your APP Store (for iOS users) or Google Play (for Android users) to download.


2. Log in to POS

Log in to your POS APP with the admin email and password added in POS channel on your admin panel.



3. Start Your First Business

Home page introduction

After logging in, if you are managing multiple stores, you would first need to select the store you would like to start operating. Once selected, you will then enter the POS home page and system will begin to automatically download the store's product information. On the homepage, you can see the products on the left side of the home page and the shopping cart for cashier in the right area, as shown below. 



Product search and Add to cart

You will be able to quickly find products by product selection, searching for product name or product barcode. If you have connected a code scanner or enabled camera permissions, you can directly scan the barcode on the product package to quickly add it to the shopping cart.

  • using camera scanner (require to enable camera permissions on your device)


  • Using product search



Shopping cart management

For products that have already been added to the shopping cart, you would be able to see information such as the number of products added, total amount, etc on the shopping cart. At the same time, system will automatically calculate the taxes and marketing discounts included in the products in the shopping cart, so that you can easily check out with one click.


Add manual discounts

Should you decided to have some offline special promotion campaigns that will provide discounts for your customers, you would be able to add manual discounts or write off the discount code for the customer.

To do so, you may navigate to the [Other operation] setting in the upper right corner of the shopping cart and select [Apply discount].


Bind customer membership information and use benefits

Similar as above operation, you may navigate to the [Other operation] setting in the upper right corner of the shopping cart and select [Add a customer]. Then, you can search the customer by customer email, cell phone number and customer name, then bind their information to this transaction.

Note: The customer's rights and interests are the same as the main site.



Checkout and payment

Once the purchase and amount is confirmed by the customer, you may click [Checkout] to enter the payment process. Determine the customer's payment method, and select the correct payment method on the POS to complete the checkout. In the case of cash payment, system will automatically calculate the change solution to facilitate you to make change.



  • automatically calculated change:





4. Staff Work Data Record

Register checking

Our POS system provides a data reconciliation function for yours employees to easily record data for each staff during their shift. After completing their shift, staffs can also print the work receipt for calculation after work and hand over the data to the next staff.

If the staff has no unfinished work record in that store, logging in means that he/she has clocked-in for their shift successfully. 

Once your staff are off duty, it is required for them to check the data in [Register Checking] and click [off duty].


The staff's history can be viewed by clicking on [History data] for each shift.



5. Manage your store data

In the overview

Merchant can view sales data trends for all their stores in [Overview], helping you to keep track of the status of your operations so that you can make dynamic adjustments to your business planning.



6. Other POS Related Features

Checking orders at POS



Pending orders/Order taking

When a queue starts to form at the store and the customer in front of you is delayed in checking out because additional items need to be added or for other reasons, you can select [Pending orders] in [Other operation] to put the order on hold temporarily and let the customer in the back of the queue proceed to check out first. When the previous customer finishes, you can then pick up the order again to continue the checkout.





7. Frequently Asked Questions

How to set for certain products not to be sold at POS?

You can add for products to be sold on POS channels in the product management in the admin panel.



What is the maximum limit of pending orders?

The system supports up to 80 pending orders.


Why does the POS APP show that the products are insufficient in stock, but can still be successfully traded?

The POS usage scenario is face-to-face, so as long as you have the products ready in your store, consumers can then complete their shopping cart. The system does not restrict transactions from such limitations.



I am a merchant dealing in seafood and the products all need to be weighed. How does it work on POS?

The current POS version is yet to support weighing of goods, but this will be considered in future feature optimization in the near future. 



How to connect my device to the receipt printer?

There is usually Bluetooth information on the back of the device where you can find the name of the device and select it for Bluetooth connection in the next step.



Get in touch

SHOPLINE has a specialized Merchant Success Team available to assist you with any questions or issues. Please feel free to contact us via the chatbox in the lower right corner of your SHOPLINE admin panel or on the SHOPLINE official website. We are always here to support you every step of the way and help your business thrive.