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TikTok Sales Channel

TikTok Sales Channel consists of TikTok Marketing and TikTok Shop. TikTok Marketing enables quick connection of the SHOPLINE store with TikTok business assets, installation of TikTok in the SHOPLINE store, and synchronization of SHOPLINE products to TikTok Feed. TikTok Shop enables synchronization of SHOPLINE products to TikTok shop, shop order returns, etc. This article introduces the features of TikTok Marketing. To learn more about TikTok Shop, you can refer to our FAQ article.

Note: Due to TikTok’s policies, the TikTok Business App is not yet available for businesses with IPs in China (including mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan). If you are in one of these regions, please use the same type of app used for TikTok Marketing. Thank you for your understanding.


In This Article


Connecting SHOPLINE Store with TikTok Business App

After installing the app, click Connect Immediately to enter the onboarding page.

After connecting all assets on this page, complete the connection between the SHOPLINE store and TikTok For Business.

Note: Only "non-agent created" ad accounts are allowed to be bound in the Business App. Ad accounts created through proxies will fail to bind.



After successfully connecting, you can view the connection status of your store and TikTok business assets in the TikTok Business app.



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