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Pre-order: Setting up Partial Payment


When you enable partial payment for your pre-order campaign, the Pre-order app will automatically edit pre-order orders for you. In case of failed order editing, the app will send you an email informing you about the generation of partial payment orders. You need to manually edit the corresponding orders upon receiving the email notification for partial payment orders, add custom items, and complete customer reminders.



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Setting up Partial Payment

  1. Go to the Pre-order app, switch to the Activity settings tab, and click Create an activity.
  2. Enable the Payment & discount settings module, and select Supports partial payment.
  3. Relevant configuration items expand. You must specify the Partial payment percentage and Discount amount.
    • The partial payment percentage is the proportion that customers need to pay upfront when choosing to pay partially.
    • The discount amount is the overall discount that customers will enjoy when choosing partial payment.

1 enable Partial Payment.png


For example, if you have an item with an original price of USD 100, and your discount is a deduction of USD 20 and the partial payment percentage to 10%. When a customer purchases this item using partial payment, they will need to pay a total of USD 80, with an upfront payment of USD 8.



What’s in the Email Notification?

When a customer places a pre-order in your store and chooses the partial payment method, the app will send you an email titled "A prepaid order has been generated."
2 email notification for merchant to create custom prod.png

In this email, the app informs you of the order number, the partial payment ratio, the upfront payment amount, the discount value, and the amount of final payment. Additionally, it prompts you about the amount of custom items.

By clicking the View order button in the notification email, you can quickly jump to the corresponding order details page in the admin. Alternatively, you can find the corresponding order in your Orders using the order number included in the email.



How to Manually Edit Orders

  1. On the corresponding order details page, click the More button in the upper right corner and select Edit products.
    3-1 edit products.png
  2. Click + Custom product.
  3. In the pop-up window, create a custom item for this order. You need to fill in three pieces of information: Product name, Product price, and Product quantity.
    • You can give a name to the custom item, for example: Final payment for [pre-order item].
    • The price for the custom item, which is the final payment, has been provided in the email you received. You can enter this price into the pop-up window.
    • You need to set the quantity of the custom item.
    • After completing the above information, click Add, and the custom item will be added to the order.
      3-3 add custom product.png
  4. Once the custom item is added, you can save and send the bill. Remember to check Send invoice to customers. If you don't check this option, the customer won't receive the corresponding notification, which may affect the subsequent payment operation.
    3-4 send invoice.png
  5. At this point, the customer will receive an order invoice notification email. By clicking the button in the email, the customer can proceed with the subsequent payment operation.
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