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The Help Document about Multi-platform Pixel Installation Assistant

Multi-platform Pixel Installation Assistant supports direction installation of Pixel on multiple mainstream advertising channels such as Bing, Criteo, Kwai, Outbrian, Pinterest, Snapchat, Taboola and Yahoo, and other platforms.

As a unified Pixel installation solution, it can help businesses quickly complete the code installation of Pixel and can solve the problems of unmatched reported parameters, difficulties in parameter matching, and high cost in the direct use of custom code and GTM method for Pixel installation. 


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User Guide

To install Pixel code quickly with the Multi-channel Pixel Installation, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the SHOPLINE app store and install the Multi-channel Pixel Installation.

  2. Click Go to Enable to go to the theme editor to enable the Assistant.

  3. Base code installation
  • Click Add Pixel and select the platform to be bound. At present, SHOPLINE supports the binding with Bing, Criteo, Kwai, Outbrian, Pinterest, Snapchat, Taboola and Yahoo Pixel.
  • Go to the platform to obtain Pixel Name and Pixel ID and click Next Step.

  1. Event code installation
  • SHOPLINE provides basic default events.

  • If there is any need to add other required events, click Add Event and fill in the event code and corresponding parameters. For the filling of corresponding parameters, please refer to the following description: For example, the code of the corresponding platform is <! -- Bing Pixel Code --> <script> window.uetq = window.uetq || []; window.uetq.push(‘event’, ‘view_cart_page’, { ‘ecomm_prodid’: PROD_IDS, ‘ecomm_pagetype’: ‘cart’, ‘ecomm_totalvalue’: TOTAL_VALUE, ‘revenue_value’: ‘0’, ‘currency’: “##currency##”, ‘items’: ITEMS } ); </script> <! -- End of Bing Pixel Code -->It can seen that the parameters to be reported include “ecomm_prodid”, “ecomm_totalvalue”, “revenue_value”, “currency”. Based on the meaning of parameter, fill in accordingly “content_spu_id”, “value”, “price” and “currency”. As shown in the following figure, parameters that are not in the code can be left blank.
    Group 3558224.png
  1. Completion of setting After completing the setting, click Finish to complete Pixel installation. You can check whether the Pixel installation is normal through the Chrome plug-in provided by the corresponding platform, or directly view the reported data in the advertising platform.


Obtaining Pixel Name and ID at Kwai

To create Pixel at Kwai ads admin, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Kwai ads admin and click Assets > Web Events.
    Group 3558229.png

  2. Click Set Up Web Events to create pixel.
    Group 3558233.png

  3. Enter Pixel Name (note that Pixel Name cannot be repeated in the account, and it is recommended that Pixel Name and website or domain name be the same). Click Kwai Pixel > Manually Install Pixel Code > Next and select Developer Mode.
    Group 427322035.png

    Group 3558235.png
Note: Only 1 Pixel can be used at each website. Adding multiple pixels will increase the complexity of organization and management and affect the effectiveness of advertising. Additionally, one website can be configured for each Pixel. If multiple websites are configured, Pixel data will display aggregated information rather than information from a single website.
  1. Enter the Pixel code page. You can download Kwai pixel helper from the Chrome app store and use it to check the Pixel attribution effect. Click OK to complete the creation of Pixel.
    Group 427322036.png

    image 15.png

  2. After creating Pixel, copy Pixel Name and ID to SHOPLINE’s Multi-channel Pixel Installation app.


Setting Up Events and Obtaining Pixel ID at Bing

For the Bing platform, basic conversion events supported by SHOPLINE include HomepageView, ViewCategorypage, Search, ViewContent, AddToCart, ViewCartpage and Purchase. To add more specific conversion events, you can follow the steps below to add them in the Bing ads admin:

  1. In Bing ads admin, go to Tag > Goals.
    Group 3558244.png
Note: If you have created the required events, you can copy the Tag ID to SHOPLINE’s Multi-channel Pixel Installation app on this page.
  1. Click Create to create the event as required by the store.
    Group 3558248.png

  2. Select Website.
    Group 3558257.png

  3. Select the conversion event you want to track and click Destination URL landing page method of attribution. Here, take the checkout event for example.
    Group 3558258.png

    Group 3558252.png

  4. Set the Goal, including name, landing page conversion inclusion relationship, and conversion income.
    image 25.png
  5. Click Skip base tag setup > Next to complete setting.
    Group 3558253.png

    Group 3558254.png

    image 28.png


Obtaining Pixel Name and ID at Pinterest

To locate Pixel Name and ID at Pinterest ads admin, you can follow the steps below:

  1. In Pinterest ads. admin, go to Ads > Conversions in the menu column.
    Group 427322039.png

  2. Under the menu column on the left, click Tag manager, find and copy Tag Name and Tag ID to SHOPLINE Multi-platform Pixel Installation Assistant app. You can create a Pinterest Tag first if it is not created.
    Group 427322038.png


Obtaining Pixel Name and ID at Snapchat

To locate Pixel Name and ID at Snapchat ads admin, you can follow the steps below:

  1. In Snapchat ads. admin, go to Assets > Event manager and click to enter the management page.

  2. In the Event manager, locate and copy Pixel Name and ID to SHOPLINE’s Multi-channel Pixel Installation app. You can create a Snapchat Pixel first if it is not created.


Yahoo Platform

To locate Pixel Name and ID at Yahoo ads admin, you can follow the steps below:

  1. In Yahoo Ads admin, go to Settings > view Dot tag code and copy Dot tag ID.
    Group 3558317.png

  2. Copy Pixel Name and Dot tag ID to SHOPLINE’s Multi-channel Pixel Installation app.


Installing Pixel on a Non-default Platform

Currently, SHOPLINE supports installing Pixel on default platforms such as Bing, Criteo, Kwai, Outbrian, Pinterest, Snapchat, Taboola, and Yahoo Pixel. For installation on other platforms, you can follow the guide below:

Going to the Official Query Page of the Platform

At Criteo platform for example, you can go to its official query page and in the search page, query the method of obtaining Pixel ID, Pixel ID variable name and base code of Criteo by following the guide provided at the official platform. Then you can go to the corresponding page according to the search results, and copy the required parameters.

  1. At Criteo Help official website, go to Technical set up > Criteo OneTag.


  1. Select All Criteo OneTag events and parameters.
    Group 3558220.png

  2. In the event selection module, select LOADER SCRIPT, and go to the base event code detail page.
    Group 3558221.png


Copying Code to SHOPLINE App Admin

Copy the code from the page to the event code section in SHOPLINE app admin.

image 7.png

The method of obtaining Pixel ID and Pixel ID variable name is the same. Please search according to the search guidelines of different platforms, copy it to the plug-in, and fill in Pixel ID, Pixel ID variable name, and base code according to the search results. The corresponding Pixel ID variable name in the base code can be replaced with pixel id.

Select and add events according to the specific platform requirements and fill in the event code and corresponding parameters with reference to the following figure:

Note: If multiple Pixels are added to a platform and correspond to event codes, you are required to install these event codes only once when installing multiple Pixels. 



  1. How many pixels can be installed in total?
    Up to 50 pixels can be installed for a store, and multiple Pixels can be installed for the same platform.
  1. Why did the installation of Pixel in the store not successfully report, and why are the parameters incorrect?
    For reporting failure, you can check if Pixel ID is filled correctly. For reporting failure on a non-default platform, you can check if the Pixel code (base code and event code) is filled correctly, the Pixel ID parameter name is replaced correctly and the corresponding parameter is matched correctly.
  1. What if there is a problem that can’t be solved by yourself?
    Please contact online customer service or website consultants. It is recommended that you provide the store domain name, the screenshot of the app setting page (each page), the name of the added Pixel platform, the added Pixel code, and a simple description of the problem.
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