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Login/Registration Settings

SHOPLINE merchants can enable customers to sign into their stores via email, mobile number, third-party channels, or Multipass, meanwhile enabling Closure of customer accounts.


1. Setup Portal

2. Sign up via mobile number and email

3. Sign up via third party accounts

4. Sign up via Multipass

5. Closure of customer account


1. Setup Entrance

Entrance: [Settings] - [Customer Login]



2. Login via mobile number and email

In the [Sign up/sign in method] section, you can set the registration and login methods, other customer's registration profiles, verification methods, etc.

(1)Sign up / sign in method

Customers can sign up / sign in with a mobile phone number, and you need to select at least one method.


  • When both sign up / sign in methods are selected, you can remove either one of them.
  • When you have selected only one sign up / sign in method, you cannot uncheck this registration/login method.
  • If you allows customers to sign up / sign in with mobile phone number, please open the App My Message and ensure sufficient SMS balance, unless customers are unable to receive the SMS verification code
  • Once you have allowed consumers to sign up or sign in via email or mobile phone numbers, it is not recommended that you disable these methods to avoid some historical customers being unable to log in

(2)Other customer's registration profiles


If you want to collect more customer information, you can set this up at the [Other customer's registration profiles] section. Once set up, consumers will need to fill in the required information to complete their registration.

You can choose from the following types of customer registration data: 

  • Last name
  • Name
  • Gender
  • Birthday


If you enable this function, the system will send an verification email/SMS when customers register, and the verification is required to complete the registration. If you didn’t choose this function, customers will be able to access the Personal Centre without verification when registering.

(4)Security verification

Enable security verification for customer registration/login, and image verification should be completed for accounts at risks before registration/login.


3. Sign in to online store through third party


Customers can also login to your shop via a third party, you can set up specific third party login settings by following the procedure below: 

4. Log in with Multipass


Once enabled Multipass, you can integrate an external customer account system with your store. Please refer to the setup process: [Learn about Multipass].


5. Closure of customer account

If you allow customers to close their accounts within the Personal Centre, you can select [Enable customer to close account].

  • Once you have enabled this function, customers are able to close their account by clicking on [Close Account] in their Personal Centre.
  • Once customers have closed their accounts, there will be a 10-day buffer period during which they can revoke their account cancellation.
  • Once a customer has submitted a cancellation request, you will be able to see when the request was submitted and when the customer was deleted in the [Delete Personal Data Module] on their personal details page.
  • Once the customer's account has been canceled, you will receive an email notification informing you that a customer's account has been canceled.



Get in Touch

SHOPLINE has a specialized Merchant Success Team available to assist you with any questions or issues. Please feel free to contact us via the chatbox in the lower right corner of your SHOPLINE admin panel or on the SHOPLINE official website. We are always here to support you every step of the way and help your business thrive.



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