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Product Bundles

Product bundles is a method of symbiotic marketing, it bundles two or more products to sale and set at a combined price. The performance of “1+1>2” depends on whether those two products are complementary to each other and whether the target customers of the bundled product are intersected.


1. Admin Panel Access

There are two paths to enter the setting of combined sales:

(1) If you have not added the "Product Bundles" app, you can install it in "Apps" > "App store" > "Product Bundles". After installation, you can find "Product Bundles" in My App.



(2) If you have added "Product Bundles" as "My Apps", you can enter "Apps" > "My Apps" > "Product Bundles".



2. Product Bundles Management

You can view and edit the combined product activity in different states through the list.

You can view and edit the product bundles under different campaign status.


(1) Review product bundles summary

  • You can see the main product information, combined product thumbnail, combined product quantity, event offer type, event sales total, activation status, and preview the corresponding event in the list.

(2) Edit Combination Commodities

  • You can click any row to enter the corresponding event editing page.
  • Please note: After the combined product activity is created, the main product cannot be deleted directly. You can delete the corresponding product after replacing the main product.

(3) Preview product bundles campaign

  • You can preview how the event will appear on the main product detail page by clicking the "Preview" icon below the action.

(4) Edit or delete product bundles status

  • You can modify the status of the selected activity or delete the selected activity after selecting the corresponding combination product activity.



3. Create a product bundle

(1)Bundle name: This name will be displayed on the product details page as the title, you can change the name of the combination product, and your customers can see the name in the store.Screenshot_2022-04-06_at_11.59.38_AM.png

(2)Product bundle:

  • Click select products, you can choose up to 6 products and set 1 as main products.
  • Only display the product bundle on the main product's detail page
    • If you check this option, customers can only see the event information on the main product's detail page.
    • If you do not check this option, customers can see the event information on the detail page of all event products.
  • You can change the main item of the event by clicking the "Set as main item" button.


(3)Bundle discount:

  • You can choose the discount method of the combination and directly set the discount amount
    • If you choose a percentage discount, you can directly set the percentage of the discount.
    • If you choose a specified amount, you can set the fixed discount amount.
    • If you choose Free Lowest Price, the lowest price item in the product bundle can be obtained by the customer for free.



  • When you set up an event, the overview will change accordingly, and you can see information about the event in the overview.

(5)Bundle display

  • You may click this to edit the bundle display style.
  • You may choose the product bundle to be display under ''add to cart'' button or under product module adopt full width.

4. Edit product bundles

  • You can enter the product bundles edit page at any circumstance.
  • After clicking update, the new update would not affect the old orders, it will only be effective on new orders and customers will see the new update campaign information.