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Creating One-page store

You can make use of the one-page for stronger and more effective promotion of a selected product. This will allow customers to view more product details and directly purchase the product on the same page. There is no limit to the number of One-page store that you can create. 

I. Features for One-page store

1. Greatly focusing on promoting the selected product/product series

For merchants who are focusing on promoting the selected product/product series, the one page store provides an easy way for creating product marketing page with drag-and-drop, they don't need to sell products until the whole shop is ready; and for merchants who has activated the whole function of the shop, One-page store can be used for the product/product series in that season.
Merchants can also use the one-page store to sell different types of products to see the performances or sell them to different customers, thus they don't need to create another shop and set the links for payments and logistics.


2. Checkout after viewing

One-page store combines the product viewing page and checkout page, so the customer can directly buy with their desired specification, quantity, shipping and delivery method after viewing the product detail information, and click「Buy now」for a quick checkout without jumping to another page. Product in the one-page store will be added to an independent cart for the customer to checkout so as to make it fast and convenient for the customer.


3. Independent shopping cart

Every one-page store has its own cart, the customer will only see the products in the cart of this shop, thus to increase the chance for the checkout; it the customer has added the product to his cart once in your shop(not the one-page store), then the product won't appear in the cart of one-page store. The shop's home page is also hidden from the header, footer, catalog. . . . any part that might lead customer to other parts of the page, ensuring customer's purchase without any distractions.


II. Settings and the instructions of One-page store   

1. Entrance of the one-page store

Step 1: Create a one-page store

Select [Channel] at the left side of ADMIN > [One-page store] > click [Create a one-page store]

You can also design the one-page store, click to set, hide, preview and delete the one-page store

Notes: Published pages can not be deleted.




2. Create a one-page store

Step 2: Select the product you want to sell

Create and name a one-page store for effective management, click to select the product you want to sell. You can only sell a single product in one one-page store. If you want to update product information, please go to [One-page store > Design] page for modifying. You can drag more components in [Add components] on the left side.



If the product is removed from shelves, then it will be removed from the shelf and the notification will be sent to the customer once he order for the product in the one-page store;

If the product is in stock-out, hidden from the price, or it doesn't have the price or the price is 0, then customer can't buy it.



3. Edit the one-page store

Step 3: Edit the one-page store

After you select the product, it will automatically render a template with [Product section] and [Checkout section] in the edit zone:

You can add various components by clicking[ Add components], such as texts, images, carousels, etc.

[Checkout section] includes product price, specifications, "Buy now" button.



4. Customize the page title, SEO settings, save and check the page

In order to reach the promotion target, you can go to [One-page store], [Operations], [Edit] to modify the page title and SEO settings to attract more customers to your page.



5. Complete the settings for one-page store!

Click [View Page] to browse the view one-page shop, you can use Facebook fan page, line@, AD networks. . . any online channel to promote and sell the product.


III. Shopping interface on the one-page store

1. View the one-page store

Step 1: View the one-page store

One-page store is a page for fast shopping navigation, there won't be too many information not functions, so that the customer can concentrate on viewing and purchasing your promotion product.


2. Buy now

Step 2: Buy now(select specification, quantity, payment and shipping methods)

Choose the color, click [Buy now] to the purchase page quickly. The customer only needs to enter the recipient information such as address, contact information, click submit and complete the process.


IV. Notes

A. You need to set and upload the master product

One product can be applied to multiple one-page store, but the customer can only view and buy the product when it is published and displayed, its price is not 0 nor hidden, it is in stock, and there is available shipping/payment methods for it.  


B. Add-on items are not yet supported

One-page store is used mainly for promoting a single product, so even if the main product originally has linked an add-on item, the add-on item would not be rendered in the one-page store.


C. Share and use the same store promotions

Customer can enjoy the discount and free shipping promotions in store when shopping through the One-page store.  


D. Payment and Delivery options that One-Page store supports

Currently One-Page Store only support Cash on Delivery payment methods and Delivery methods that supports Cash on Delivery payment methods only 



Get in touch

SHOPLINE has a specialized Merchant Success Team available to assist you with any questions or issues. Please feel free to contact us via the chatbox in the lower right corner of your SHOPLINE admin panel or on the SHOPLINE official website. We are always here to support you every step of the way and help your business thrive.