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Transaction Fee Bills Overview


SHOPLINE charges transaction fees on orders processed through third-party payment providers. This article provides insights into store transaction fee bills, including fundamental definitions, criteria for charges, calculation methods, and addressing common queries.


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Understanding Transaction Fees

SHOPLINE imposes transaction fees on orders made via third-party payment providers. The fee is influenced by the payment channel, transaction payment amount, and the store's transaction fee ratio, which, in turn, depends on the subscription plan of the store. Once the cumulative transaction fees for store orders reach a certain threshold, the system generates a transaction fee bill for issuance to the merchant's store.



Determining Transaction Fee Charges

Payments for orders completed through online payment channels usually incur a transaction fee. Currently, specific payment methods exempt from transaction fees include:

  • SHOPLINE Payments
  • Custom Payments
  • Cash on Delivery (COD)
  • PayPal (for Australian merchants' stores only)
  • Gift cards (as a payment method)
  • AdjustPay
  • Cash Payments



Calculating and Generating Transaction Fee Bills


Calculation Formula

Transaction fee for a single payment = (Payment amount of the transaction order - transaction fee waiver) x Transaction fee ratio.

Example: If a customer makes a $200 purchase from your online store using Adyen, and the store has a transaction fee waiver of $30 with a Premium subscription plan, the transaction fee is calculated as ($200 - $30) x 0.2% = $0.34. If the store's transaction fee waiver is fully utilized, the transaction fee for this order is ($200 - $0) x 0.2% = $0.4.


Conditions of Bill Generation

Transaction fee bills are generated under either of the following conditions:

  • If the cumulative transaction fees for the store reach a certain threshold (e.g., US threshold is USD 70, GB threshold is 60 GBP).
  • If the cumulative transaction fees for the current month do not meet condition 1, a bill is generated at 12:00 AM on the 1st of the following month.


Viewing, Exporting, and Paying Bills

To view, export, or pay the transaction fee bills, refer to SHOPLINE Bill Overview for instructions.


Transaction Fee Payment Policies

After generating transaction fee bills, the system provides a 2-day grace period for payment. Failure to pay on time will result in the suspension of both the front and back end of the store. To prevent losses due to store suspension, ensure timely completion of bill payments.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How is the transaction fee waiver adjusted if I upgrade/downgrade my store's plan? 

A1: When a store plan is upgraded or downgraded, the transaction fee waiver is based on the waiver provided by the currently effective plan. Any transaction fee waiver from the invalid plan will not be retained.


Q2. Will the transaction fees be refunded for orders that have been returned or canceled?

A2: No. If a transaction order undergoes a refund or return, the transaction fee already generated will not be refunded to the merchant.


Q3. How can I determine the transaction fee ratio for my store?

A3: The transaction fee ratio for a merchant's store is determined by the subscription plan they are subscribing to. Compare the plans from your admin panel via Settings > Plan > Renew in advance and select the plan best suits your needs.



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