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Privacy Settings: Blacklist of Regions with Restricted Access


To block users from certain countries/regions visiting your website, you can use the Blacklist of regions with restricted access on SHOPLINE. In this app, you can add continents or more fine-grained countries/regions.

We also support adding an IP address to a blacklist and restricting its access to the website, or setting a specified IP address as a whitelist entry and allowing its access to the website.


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Blacklist of Regions with Restricted Access

Go to Online Store > Preferences, find the Blacklist of regions with restricted access section, and click Add restricted regions.


Adding One or More Countries/Regions to the Blacklist

Click the drop-down arrow before the corresponding continent, select the specific country (or countries), and click Add.


Adding an Entire Continent to the Blacklist

Take Asia as an example, click the drop-down arrow in front of Asia and then select the box in front of All Asia countries/regions. You will see "52 countries/regions have been selected". Then, click Add.

Afterward, these 52 countries/regions are displayed in the list.


Displaying Closed When Customers Visit Pages

Users from blacklisted regions will see the Closed page when visiting the website.


To remove a country/region from the blacklist, click the trash can icon on the right of the country/region.

Note: The deletion takes effect 30 minutes after the setting is changed.



Black/White List

Go to Online Store > Preferences > Black/white list, and click Add an IP address.


You can select Allow access or Limit access as required, enter the specific IP address, and click Add. The added entry is displayed in the IP address access list.


Here is an example of a successfully added blacklist/whitelist entry.


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