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Third-Party Services - Facebook

1. Feature introduction

2. Path

3. Enable Facebook notifications

4. Receiving Facebook Messages in Message Center

5、Abnormal problems

5.1 The message module cannot send and receive messages normally.

Master receiver switching steps


1. Feature introduction

Merchants can integrate the store with a Facebook Page to facilitate message management and sell products using Facebook and Instagram live. 




2. Path

In SHOPLINE Admin, click Facebook under the "Channel" menu.


3. Enable Facebook notifications

Step 1. In the "FACEBOOK SOCIAL COMMERCE" section, click Get started


Step 2. Click Link now to connect the store with the Facebook Fanpage Account. You will be redirected to the Facebook page. Please log in to your Facebook account with the page you would like to connect. 



Step 3. After logging into the Facebook account, select the Page that you want to connect to, then click Next.


Step 4. After connecting to a Page, switch the toggle button to YES to grant access to all the functions.


Step 5. Follow the instruction to finish the Page connection. The name of the Page will appear in the "Facebook Fanpage Account" section. 




If you need to disconnect the Facebook page from the store, click the "..." button next to the Page then click Cancel the link.




4. Receiving Facebook Messages in Message Center

After connecting to the Facebook Page, you can see the incoming messages in the Message Center. 

You can also connect the store to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp by going to the Message Center page and scrolling down to the "Link multiple channels to reach more customers" section. 


Step 1. Click Message Center under the "Channel" menu




Step 2. Click View your message to open the Message Center page in a pop-up window.




5、Abnormal problems

5.1 The message module cannot send and receive messages normally.

It may be caused by the problem of seizing power of fb channel news.
When this problem occurs, the following prompts appear on the admin home page,
Facebook-Community Marketing:
Facebook's official feedback is as follows:
We found that the bots of the system could not help you reply to your customers,
that is, they could not send template messages, and here we received an exception
from Facebook:
(#10) Message failed to send because another app is controlling this thread now.
The reason is that the thread of your Facebook App is occupied by another application,
so the MC cannot successfully send the message.

5.2 Solution:

1. If shopline is not your facebook Primary App, an error message will appear and SHOPLINE will be configured as the primary receiver according to the guidance;

  • [Message failed to send error message] : "Copy: If the message cannot be sent successfully, please set SHOPLINE as the main receiver of the handover protocol in the fan home page Settings and return to the message center to resend the current message. If you manually send a message to the customer and then resend the current message, you can temporarily resolve the problem."

Master receiver switching steps

2. If shopline has entered your facebook Primary App, an error message will appear. You only need to send the current message again, and at the same time, the background will take control operation;

  • [Error message failed to be sent] : "Message failed to be sent. Please try to send the current message again."
  • Resend the message to resolve the problem

* If you have any suggestions on the use of SHOPLINE function or needs, please click [Function feedback] to tell us!