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Custom Code

SHOPLINE merchants can customize CSS codes to optimize their online store in desktop and/or mobile view. This article will guide you to add codes to your store. 


Step 1. Add the application 

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Apps] and select the App Store tab. Scroll down and select Custom Code under the "Store Management" category. Click Use now to apply the application.



Step 2. Add custom code

On the "Custom code" application page, click Add code to enter the edit page.  


Step 3. Set up custom code

i. Enter the code name for easier reference.

ii. In the "Code content" window, enter your own CSS code. 

iii. Select the scope of application. You can choose to execute the code in PC+mobile, PC only or mobile only.

iv. Select page trigger. You can select some of the online store pages or all of them. For example:

  • Website page
  • Product details page
  • Product list page
  • Search result page
  • Error 404 page

v. Select the Insert position

  • Top: Load the code first then load the content of the page
  • Bottom: Load the content of the page first then load the code



Remember to click Add at the bottom of the page to save the custom code. 


Step 4. Custom code management

After setting up your custom code successfully, you will see a list of custom codes on the application page.



  • If the CSS syntax is wrong, the store website will not be able to display it.
  • As a network platform, it is a necessity that SHOPLINE frequently updates the website design and the nature of the system. If your custom CSS has problems due to website updates, this is out of the responsibility of SHOPLINE. Please monitor your website status frequently to ensure that your online store and layout are functioning properly. Invalid or risky CSS code will be removed.