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Product Review Management


By turning on SHOPLINE product reviews function, your customers will be able to comment on their orders. With this, your potential customers can view more comprehensive product information by browsing the comments and ratings from others. Reasonable use of customer reviews function will help you attract more customers to shop. In the meantime, you can set up the comments and adjust their positions for more convenient management, you can also bulk import comments to increase customers' trust in your product.



If you have not added the [Review Management] app, you can install it in [Apps] > [Go To App Store] > [Review management].


(2) After installation, you can find [Review Management] under [My Apps].


1. Review Settings

1.1 Basic Settings

  • You can choose whether to enable the review function. When it is enabled, your online shop will display relevant comments automatically.

  • Otherwise, you can choose whether to receive first-level reviews from customers and receive email notifications.  You'll automatically receive those first-level reviews when you choose the open button.
  • Different levels of reviews can also be chosen to publish. You can display specific numbers of star reviews on your shop page.

  • The message board function will enable after you click the button. You can choose whether to display the first-level message or push the customer message automatically.


1.2 Threshold

  • Some restrictions can be displayed by setting a threshold. You can make some conditions for review punishment and review answers. eg: The customer who logged in and purchased this product can use the review function.


1.3 Good reviews

  • You can set the conditions that need to be met to automatically become a quality rating to better manage your store's ratings.
  • The quality rating label will be displayed automatically when it becomes a quality rating.


1.4 Review collection page setting

  • If you would like to display your good reviews on an independent page, this function will meet your needs definitely. 
  • Click Add Now, the review collection page will be added to the guideline of the menu.
  • Click Set it up now, the review collection page can be edited in the theme editor.


1.5 Star rating display settings

  • The star rating display function will be displayed below the product or hidden on the product listing page.
  • If you have questions about the star rating, go to the theme setting and add the review star component.
  • The Star color also can be designed by your own need.


1.5 Review layout setting

  • The style of the review page model can be designed for your own needs on PC or Mobile. Shopline offers three kinds of layouts on the product reviews collection and product review list, you can choose which one to use freely.


1.6 Review order

  • You can choose your own sorting rules for your store comments, we provide four basic sorting methods for you to choose to use


1.7 Quick reply of review

  • You can set your quick reply in your store's Admin to allow your customers to receive your reply quickly.
  • The maximum of quick replies would be five.


1.8 Display the full name of the reviewing customer

  • The function gives you the choice that whether you want to display the full name of the reviewing customer.


1.9 Enable Google Product Review Sync

  • Generate an XML feed URL, which can be submitted to sync store reviews to Google Merchant Center

1.10 Display Position

  • Review Contents will be displayed below the [product details page] or the [recommended product]
  • Star ratings (auto-hide the rating stars if there are no reviews for a product) will be displayed/ hidden below the product title on product details page or on home page, details page, or below the product title on product details page.


1.11 Reviews on Bulk Import 

If you were to add comments or bulk import reviews for a single product, you can click on a specific product to download the sheet for bulk import.

Download the Template and fill in as required. Please take note that the template only supports the . xlsx, . xls, format, and the file size should be less than 10MB. After uploading, you can check the progress in [Analysis > Bulk processing progress].

You can also download the analysis to check the reason if the update fails due to wrong review formats. Should your file includes comments with both right and wrong formats, the system will still update the right comments and filter the wrong comments.





1.12 Product Review Management

Product Review Management consists of [Reviews overview] and [Latest reviews]:

  1. Reviews Overview

Reviews overview list combines with products, and displays all the products with reviews. You can check the product image, name, and rating stars at the header of the list, as well as reviews displayed publicly/privately. At the same time, you can also preview customer's reviews, create new ratings and batch import ratings.


  1. Latest Review List

Latest review list combines with reviews, displays all the reviews from the latest to the earliest; You can click the review bar in the list of a product to see the detailed content including all reviews, reviewers, reviewed content, image, thumb-ups, reviewing date and whether the reviews have been posted.


Once the above steps are done, you can manage your product reviews!