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Verifying Bing Domain Ownership and Submitting Sitemaps


The Bing Webmaster Tool provides you with tools and reports to assess the search traffic and performance of Bing and Yahoo for your website, address issues, and enhance your website’s visibility in the search results of Bing and Yahoo.


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Verify Bing Domain Ownership

You can perform the following steps to verify the Bing domain ownership:

  1. Go to the Bing Webmaster Tools, click Get started, and sign up or log in using your Microsoft, Google, or Facebook account to start the verification.
  2. Select one of the following verification methods:
  • If you select Add your site manually on the right:
    • Enter the unique URL of your store in the field and click Add. For example, if your URL is “www.abc.com”, enter https://www.abc.com. If your URL is shop.def.com, enter https://shop.def.com.
    • Select the HTML Meta Tag verification method and copy the code (English characters and digits) within the double quotes (content=“xxxxx”).
Note: You can skip this step and verify the website later. 


  • From the SHOPLINE Admin panel, go to Apps and open Bing app. Click + Add and paste the copied content <meta> into the field, and click Save.
    For example, if your HTML Meta Tag is <meta name="msvalidate.01" content="C372014433F45D178E3383B966B6E7E4" />, please input C372014433F45D178E3383B966B6E7E4.
Note: If you haven’t installed Bing, you can search and install the app from the SHOPLINE App Store.


  • Go back to Bing Webmaster Tools and click Verify. If the page prompts Your site ownership has been verified successfully and automatically redirects you to the Webmaster Tools page, it means your website has been verified successfully.
  • If you select Import your sites from GSC on the left:
    • Click Import.
    • Click Continue in the lower right corner., click Allow and Import in the lower right corner.

    • If the page prompts Site added successfully, it means your domain has been verified successfully.
Note: For this verification method, you don’t need to enter the meta value in Bing from your SHOPLINE admin panel.



Submitting a Sitemap

A Sitemap is a file that assists Google and other search engines in understanding the structure of your website’s content. 

When you set up your store, SHOPLINE automatically creates a sitemap for each store. Your sitemap can be accessed at “www.com/sitemap.xml”.

You can perform the following steps to submit your sitemap:

  1. Log in to Bing Webmaster Tools and go to the Sitemaps section > Submit sitemap.
  2. In the Submit Sitemap section, enter your store’s unique URL followed by “/sitemap.xml”, and click Submit. For example, if your URL is “www.abc.com”, enter “https://www.abc.com/sitemap.xml”. If your URL is shop.def.com, enter "https://shop.def.com/sitemap.xml".
  3. Once submitted, you can view the status in the Sitemap URL section. If it displays Success, it means you have successfully submitted the sitemap.
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