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Payment Currency

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Basic Settings]. Scroll down to [Payment currency].

  • You can change the payment currency by clicking [Change Currency]. However, once the first order is established, the setting cannot be modified, so please choose it carefully!




We recommend charging your customers based on the currency of your country of residence. Simply put, if you have an account of your online payment method in a certain currency, the store currency should be the same.

For example:

  • I am a Taiwan merchant with a PayPal account in Malaysian Ringgit, the store currency has to be set to Ringgit.
  • I am a Hong Kong merchant with a Hong Kong Dollar HSBC account, the store currency has to be set to HKD.


If your store has been selling to many countries/regions, please don't worry about the currency of the products that customers see on their browsers. You can activate the multi-currency switch function to let your customers choose the display and allow them to browse the website with reference to the currency they are used to. However, they will be charged in the payment currency at the final checkout. Buyers can choose to trade at the exchange rate of the issuing bank or of the payment service provider.



If you need to modify the currency, you can directly select the currency type you want to modify here (Currencies on display are currently supported by SHOPLINE), and select "Update".

Note: Some settings will not be available when modifying the currency. The store will automatically be changed to the "Closed" state. Merchants can restore the store state manually after the modification. 

Note: Since the numerical value of the product unit price in the Admin will be synchronized with the currency change. Before changing the payment currency, please export and delete all products in the store, and import them again after the change.