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Facebook account quick registration / login member|Customer settings

Besides email/phone number registration, customers can also use their Facebook account for one-click registration/login to their SHOPLINE account.

The one-click login is a function developed by Facebook, it will be available only by installing the Facebook application in your shop. We will need to download the Facebook application first then go back to the store to install it. Since there are many setup steps, please be patient and follow the steps to set it up. If the screen does not match this description or there are related problems, please capture your operation screenshots and provide them to our merchant success team to assist you. 

This article will be going through the setup in detail. 


Step 1: Enter Facebook for Developers 

Click this URL to get to Facebook for Developers and use your personal Facebook account to log in.  Click [Apps] > [Create App] to create Facebook applications.


*Notice: If you have created Facebook applications for your Facebook account, after you click "Create App", you will see the pop-up window asking "What do you need your app to do?". Click the third option "Build Connected Experiences" to create your app then follow the steps below to finish the setting.


Step 2: Create a Facebook App

Please note that the "App Display Name" will appear during the login process for customers to view. It is recommended that you enter your "Store / Brand Name" and your Personal/company contact email. You can also select your Facebook Business Manager account. After completing the information, click Create App.




A pop-up window for "Security Check" will appear. Please click Submit after verification.


Step 3: Install the "Facebook Login" Application

Next, you will be taken to the page of creating an application. Please find "Facebook Login" and click Set Up.



After entering the "Facebook Login" settings page, please choose to use the app in "Web".


Step 4: Enter the store URL

Please enter your store's homepage URL in "Site URL". For example: "https: //www. test123. com" or "https: //www. test123. com. tw." Please make sure to enter the securely encrypted URL starting with https: //. After confirming the URL, click the Save button in the lower right corner and wait for the application to save the URL.


Step 5: Enter your settings in the "Basic" part of the App

Next, please go to the main panel on the left and enter [Settings] > [Basic] to complete the settings of the App Domains, Privacy Policy URL, User Data Deletion, App Icon, Business Use, Terms of Service URL, Category, and Site URL.




  1. App Domains(Required

    This column will require a total of 2 URLs (naked domain & and URL with subdomain), please follow the methods below to obtain and paste them, and then press "Enter(Window) / Return(Mac)"on your keyboard to type them in to the field. When the URL becomes a grey text on a blue background it indicates the URL is correct. 

    If your store uses a unique URL, for example: https: //www. test123. com
    Please enter 2 URLs respectively: www. test123. com & test123. com


    If your store uses a free URL, for example: https: //test456. myshopline. com
    Please enter 2 URLs respectively: test456. myshopline. com & myshopline. com

    Please replace the above "red bold example text" with your store URL. If you are not sure about your shop's unique URL or free URL, you can go to the homepage of the store to copy it.


  2. Privacy Policy URL(Required)


    The privacy policy is a statement on how the website will use personal data of Internet users. If the website user agrees on the statement of the privacy policy, it will be effective as a standard form contract. The reveal of "Privacy Terms" in your store is one of the key reviews for applying for payment, Google Advertising,Facebook App and more.

    At the Beginning of 2020, Facebook improved the protection for Facebook accounts and will strictly review the privacy policies of external websites. You are recommended to visit your ADMIN and use the text page or advanced page to create a "Privacy Policy" page, then paste the page link to this column. For format and content, please refer to SHOPLINE Sample Store Page(for reference only, please edit according to your specific situations and requirements).

    "Privacy Policy" should be included in "Title" of the Search Engine Optimization/SEO Settings of your page, as well as in the "Descriptive URLs" so that Facebook would identify your page and "privacy-policy" content.

        a. If your store uses a unique URL,you will get a similar URL like:

    https: //www. test123. com/pages/privacy-policy
        b. If your store uses a free URL, you will get a similar URL like: https: //test456. myshopline. com/pages/privacy-policy


    Please replace the above "red bold example text" with your store URL. If you are not sure about your shop's unique URL or free URL, you can go to the homepage of the store to copy it.



  3. User Data Deletion(Required)

    If the column is blank, please enter store's homepage URL, for example, https: //www. test123. com or https: //www. test123. com. tw , etc. ,please make sure to enter the encrypted URL starting with https: //.



  4. Category (Recommended)

    Please select the appropriate option from the menu according to the type of your store or services offered in your store.



  5. Terms of Service URL (Recommended)

    This URL link will be displayed in the "App Terms" of the Facebook login window. We recommend you to edit the "Terms and Conditions" of your store's default page, and describe your service policy and transaction details based on your actual situation. Then place the pagination URL link in this column.



  6. App Icon (Recommended)

    The App Icon will appear in the customer login process along with the "Display Name". We suggest that you upload the store logo or brand icon for customers to reduce their concerns about fraud or informal channel collection of user information. Facebook recommends uploading images with a size of 1024 x 1024 pixels and file size of less than 5MB.



  7. Business Use (Recommended)
    If you run your own store, please click "Yourself or your own business".
    If you are an agent/agency operator for other businesses, please click "Clients".

  8. Website URL(Required)

    Next, please scroll down to the "Website" section. If the field is blank, please enter the homepage URL again, for example, https: //www. test123. com or https: //www. test123. com. tw , etc. , Please make sure to enter the securely encrypted URL starting with https: //. Click the "Save Changes" button in the lower right corner after confirmation.


Step 6: Go to [Facebook Login]> [Settings]

Next, please proceed to the main product panel on the left [Client OAuth Login Setting] > [Facebook Login] > [Settings]. 


1. Turn on the designated function

Please enable the following 4 function switches. You can compare and confirm with the figure below after setting.

  • Turn on "Client OAuth Login"
  • Turn on "Web OAuth Login"
  • Turn on "Use Strict Mode for Redirect URIs"
  • Turn on "Enforce HTTPS"

2. Enter the link in "Valid OAuth Redirect URIs"

Please follow the instruction below and paste the corresponding link to the "Valid OAuth Redirect URIs" column. Press Enter (Window) / Return (Mac) on your keyboard afterward. When the URL becomes a grey text on a blue background, it means your input was successful.

OAuth Login URL: https: //+main domain name+/user/signIn (e. g. https: //www. test123. com/user/signIn )

  • If your store uses a unique URL:
    • For example, https: //www. test123. com, please paste: https: //www. test123. com/user/signIn
    • For, please paste:
  • If your store uses a free URL, for example, https: //test456. myshopline. com
    Please pastehttps: //test456. myshopline. com/user/signIn

Please replace the above "red bold example text" with your store URL. If you are not sure about your shop's unique URL or free URL, you can go to the homepage of the store to copy it.

After completing the settings, please click the "Save Changes" button in the lower right corner.


*Note: After submission, please check again whether the "Use Strict Mode for Redirect URLs" switch is turned off ("Off" status). If it is turned off ("Off" status), please turn it on (change the status into "On") and press Save Changes again.


Step 7: Confirm Application Status

Please check the "Switch" next to the"Application ID" at the top of the APP page. The switch should be "Live" and the status be "Online" so that the application can be used. (If the switch is off, the status will appear as "In Development". )

When you turn on the switch, please click Switch Mode to set your application "Live". If the application is turned off, customers will not be able to log in to the store with their Facebook account. 



Step 8: Prepare to enter information in the store ADMIN

Please check the main panel on the left [Settings] > [Basic] then click the Show button next to "Application Secret" to display codes in full. Copy the "APP ID" and "APP Secret", and return to your SHOPLINE store panel for setup. 




Step 9: Go Back to SHOPLINE Store Settings 

Go back to SHOPLINE ADMIN > [Settings] > [Customer Settings], find the "Customer Facebook Login" column to turn on the feature. 

After enabling on the application, please paste "APP No." and "APP Key" to the column respectively, and click Update to save your settings. Your store will then will be available for logging in via Facebook.




Step 10. Check if you can Use Facebook Login function for one-click sign up/in 

Your setup is now complete and you can check your shop for the update. 

Please enter the member login/register page of your store, click the "Log in with Facebook" button and a Facebook window will pop up for requesting customers to log in and authorize your login application (APP display name and icon appear here). Customers must authorize the Facebook login application to access data so that they can use the Facebook login function. If the customer chooses not to authorize, the Facebook login function cannot be used.


There are many steps to set up for this function. If you have any questions during the process, please take a screenshot of the issue and send it to our online. 



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