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Notes on Changing Payment Currency

The billing currency is the currency used in your SHOPLINE Admin. It is the currency in which you price your product. If you change the billing currency, your product, marketing, payment, shipping and other related settings may be affected.

Please take note that after the first order has been placed, including test order, is established, the billing currency cannot be modified.




The following considerations and suggestions mainly apply to the store you are already promoting.

Notes before making changes

1. The store will be temporarily closed during the modification process.

This will be brief for a few seconds. A brief closing can avoid the occurring of order problems when a customer places an order during the modification process. 

2. It is recommended that you close the store and stop any marketing activities.

This only applies to your shop that has been continuously promoting and has set up for payment, shipping and marketing. When these settings exist, after the currency is modified, due to the unadjusted values of products, marketing threshold and payment channels, the buyer will see unreasonable prices and settings when they visit the store, which may cause them to be unable to place an order.


After making the changes, you need to check the following:

  1. Product price
  2. Payment settings
  3. Shipping settings
  4. Marketing campaign settings
  5. The close/open status of the store