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Viewing Bulk Processing Progress


SHOPLINE supports bulk import/export of product information, product reviews, order information, customer information, etc. To help you know the import/export status of different tasks, you can view the progress of a task via Bulk processing progress.


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Viewing Bulk Processing Progress

When you import/export a large amount of product information, product review, order information, or customer information with/to a spreadsheet file, SHOPLINE supports real-time processing.

  1. Click the user avatar in the upper right corner of your SHOPLINE admin panel and select Bulk processing progress.
  2. In the task list, you can view the current import/export progress of each task.
  • If the import fails, you can download failure records in the Bulk processing progress to know the reasons behind the failure.
  • The system gets refreshed once every minute. It is normal if the uploading status is displayed, but the information has been uploaded. In this case, just confirm that the imported information is displayed.



Tasks That Can be Processed in Bulk

To help you improve operational efficiency, SHOPLINE currently supports the following bulk import/export tasks:

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